From the Miami New Times (all caps ours):

These Were Miami’s Five Biggest Assholes of 2018


  • Photo by Karli Evans

“Enrique Tarrio. 

In 2018, Enrique Tarrio went from a completely unknown, angry alt-right (FALSE) dude to the leader (FALSE) of a semifascist (NEW WORD) gang (FALSE) seemingly overnight. Tarrio is, at least as of this writing, the national chairman of the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump, admittedly sexist (WHAT?) gang (FALSE) of sad, lonely (HUH?) wannabe men (DUDE, DO YOU EVEN JOURNALISM?) who enjoy fistfights and bonding over the fact that they never masturbate (QUITTING PORN IS NOT ABOUT “BONDING” – TRY IT). The Boys used to be run (FALSE) by Gavin McInnes, the sad, (NICE JOURNALISM) seemingly lonely (WHAT?) Vice magazine founder who quit the company so he could publicly be a huge asshole full-time (KINDA TRUE, ACTUALLY). McInnes stresses that he is not a racist despite the fact that he has a neo-Nazi band’s logo tattooed on his body (FALSE). This is similar to the overall Proud Boys M.O. (HUH?) The gang routinely stresses that it’s not racist, but many members keep getting outed (“OUTED” BY BIGFOOT CHASERS WEARING “NOT SEE” GLASSES) for having ties to harder-core white-nationalist groups (FALSE). But we digress (YOU SURE DO).

McInnes stepped down as the Proud Boys’ leader (FOUNDER) this year after gang (FALSE) members were filmed beating the tar out of leftist protesters (ANTIFA TERRORISTS WHO AMBUSHED THEM) in Manhattan. A member named Jason Lee Van Dyke briefly took over for McInnes before Van Dyke himself stepped down and promptly got arrested for allegedly (OH LOOK, HE FINALLY LEARNED THE WORD ALLEGEDLY) falsely reporting one of his enemies to the cops.

Miami’s Tarrio then took his place. New Times spent months covering Tarrio’s rise this year, and by all accounts, he seems like he isn’t a great dude: He’s divorced (OH NO!), was once convicted of motorcycle theft, and also spent time behind bars for selling stolen diabetic test strips (SOUNDS LIKE A SCARY DUDE). More to the point: Tarrio attended the 2017 Unite the Right white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, (HE WAS FILMING IT – DIDN’T PARTICIPATE) where a neo-Nazi murdered a counterprotester. Tarrio now runs what is basically a fascist gang (HUH?) of angry, lonely, (WHERE DOES THIS “LONELY” SHIT COME FROM?) confused men. The only positive side to all of this is that the Proud Boys seem to be falling apart (HUH?) under his leadership.”


This is who wrote it.

Can you believe the fucking beta males we’re up against? Look at Devin Voshart. Look at Christopher Mathias. No, seriously, LOOK AT HIM.


(BTW Hate crimes are NOT on the rise. Hate crime hoaxes are)

These guys are second only to feminists with their Proud Boys obsession. They comb through hours of footage to find an OK sign or a link to Charlottesville. Heather Heyer is their Virgin Mary. How come they never ask about the West Side Highway? Why doesn’t anyone know the names Diego Enrique Angelini, Nicholas Cleves, Ann-Laure Decadt, Darren Drake, Ariel Erlij, Hernan Ferruchi, Hernan Diego Mendoza, and Alejandro Damian Pagrucco?

It’s obvious why. White people love nitpicking white people. In a sense, it’s a form of white supremacy. They hold whites to a higher standard. Richard Spencer is Satan but he has the same views as Professor Griff. Nobody’s mad at Griff. He’s cool. So is Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. Today’s ethnomasochists are petrified of Muslims or any other POC. Have you ever read an article on HuffPo criticizing the Black Riders Liberation Army? Of course you haven’t. These people aren’t about erasing hate. They’re about hating white men. Ann Coulter nailed it. Isn’t it funny that they’d see even this paragraph as racism? They’d say, “Proud Boys article mirrors that of white supremacists.” Hey fucknuts, all dogs are mammals. All cats are mammals. All dogs are not cats.

We were surprised to learn our founder has white power tattoos so we asked him about it. He said he already sent an email to the paper telling them to correct the mistake because he has no such tattoo. If anything, his tattoos are a bunch of embarrassing anarcho-punk crap. He sent us this correspondence…


On Jan 3, 2019, at 5:37 PM, Chuck Strouse <chuck.strouse@miaminewtimes.com> wrote:

Mr. McInnes,

Thanks for your note. Please clarify what factual mistakes you believe there were in the piece. 

Also, I am attaching a photo of you showing a tattoo that seems to be a reference to the band Skrewdriver, which the anti-defamation league calls “legendary among racist skinheads, neo-Nazis and other white supremacists.” (You have also been pictured wearing its T-shirt.) Can you clarify?

Moreover, here are two clips that mention the same tattoo and have not been corrected. Can you explain?






Chuck Strouse


Miami New Times

305 571-7620



Subject: Re: correction

Date: January 4, 2019 at 10:20:29 AM EST

To: Chuck Strouse <chuck.strouse@miaminewtimes.com>

Cc: Steve Suskin <steve.suskin@voicemediagroup.com>


Did it occur to you fucking retards that your alleged white power tattoo is below a women’s symbol, a crass logo, and an anarchy symbol? The word “Tofu” is also there. The Skrewdriver tattoo you mention is a hand holding a lightning bolt. That is not unique to that band. I had no idea they ever used it. The tattoo is also surrounded by “arm your desires” written in Arabic and Chinese. I am slightly embarrassed by my tattoos but only because they are so PC.

Yes, I was pictured wearing a Skrewdriver shirt – in Tokyo, with the artist Momus. I was also wearing a Michael Jackson pin on the shirt. Is it possible there was a sense of humor involved in this choice? 


If these self-hating beta males put a tenth of their time investigating Islam, they may have helped prevent another Pulse shooting. They won’t do that because they don’t really care about hate or violence. They care about shitting on men who make them feel insecure. It’s a tedious pursuit that used to be reserved for bitter ex-girlfriends. Good times create weak men and weak men create articles about the Proud Boys.



Written by The Elders