Why All Able-Bodied Men Should Lift Weights

The Scientific and Historical Case for a Strength in your Lifestyle

All men, no matter their age, no matter their height, no matter their ethnicity or religion, all have one thing in common…they are, generally, stronger than their female counterparts.  As much as feminazis everywhere hate to admit it, the male human body is naturally stronger and more durable than the female’s.  On average, the male body has about 26 pounds more skeletal muscle tissue than a female.  Men also have a larger cross section in individual muscle fibers, which is a nerdy way of saying that male muscle fibers are larger.  Now this difference, in my and most reasonable people’s opinions, doesn’t make women less than men…but it sure does make us different.  Following logic, one would determine that there is a reason for this discrepancy, some sort of evolutionary cause for men having such a higher capability of muscle building.  And if we take a look at life in the distant past, I believe we can see that cause.

In the prehistoric era, it was natural for men to do most of the predatory hunting, while women either cared for the children, looked after the settlement, and perhaps gathered plants, berries, and other vegetation.  Now, there was no handbook written out for these prehistoric men and women allocating different goals and objectives to them; they did what came naturally to them.  The men in the group were naturally better at traveling long distances looking for prey, they were better able to wrestle and fight with the beasts of the land whether for food or for defense, they were all-in-all more muscular.

This difference should not only be highlighted, it should be held in high regard as one of the reasons why I think all able-bodied men should lift weights.  Which brings me to my list: 5 reasons why all able-bodied men should lift weights.  So…get your dick out of your hand, grab a cold one (or 6), crack it open and enjoy:


Reason #1: We Are Designed For It


I’ve already mentioned this first reason in my intro but it bares repeating: we, as men, are biologically stronger than our female counterparts!  If you have been blessed with a perfectly functioning physical form, one that is, by nature, designed to be strong, durable, and quick, you are a panty-waste if you do not put it through its paces!  I believe Socrates said it best:

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.  It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates (a long time ago).




Reason #2: It Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence

The reason those Charles Atlas print advertisements back in the 1930’s worked so well is because most men have felt the way “Mac”, the skinny weakling depicted in the comic felt: ashamed, bullied, and well basically….



…cuckolded.  In fact, just like Mac, a lot of the people I have talked to on the subject, have said that being bullied or just having a lack of self-confidence was one of the main reasons they began lifting weights.

Having low self-esteem was exactly why I myself first set foot in a gym.  I was thin, gangly, with the strength equivalent to that of perhaps a feral barn cat.  I had seen guys like Arnold Scwarzeneggar, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Lee plastered all over magazines, television, and film.  Their bodies were broad, thick, defined, and formidable: exactly how I wanted mine to be.  I knew that to be like them, I had to train like them.  I had to put in the blood, sweat, and tears in the gym that those men did in order to sculpt their bodies the way they wanted them.  Now, after about 2 or so years in the gym, I’m a lean (not really), mean (I actually think I’m quite kind, ask your sister), fighting (usually only against Antifa) machine!

But seriously, ask anybody who has ever started lifting weights and stuck with it and I can guarantee they will tell you it boosted their confidence and made them feel more like a man.  (If a woman tells you weight-lifting made her feel more like a man then I don’t know what to tell you.)


Reason #3: It Has an Almost Flawless Work:Reward Ratio


One of the big problems with this generation, the Millennials (my generation unfortunately),

is that they expect a large reward for a small amount of work.  For example, expecting to make a six-figure salary just by getting a 4 year degree in Gender Studies (whatever the fuck that is).  Another perfect example of this naivety, is the ridiculous notion that a fast food worker, no matter their merit, should make $15 an hour!  I busted my ass loading an 18-wheeler for $11 an hour one Spring and Summer a few years back, and you think you deserve $4 more than that for doing something that a pimply teenager could do and that requires the most minimal of efforts?!  Now look, obviously if you work your ass off, have impeccable customer service, and work your way up with a fast food company, I definitely think you deserve to make much more than minimum wage, but this is because you would be working much harder: your reward would be equivalent to the work that you are putting in!

In this aspect, lifting weights is no different: if you lift heavy, use correct technique, eat right, and supplement properly, you will be rewarded with results.  Week in and week out, you will see the fruits of your labor in the mirror, on the scale, and in the cat-calls you receive from buxom bimbos on the strip.  On the contrary, if you slack off, eat like shit, and stay up late every night jerking off to tranny porn (you know who you are…) then every week you’ll be staring at a weaker, fluffier version of yourself and you’ll only have yourself to blame.



Reason #4: It Replicates Prehistoric Hunting

In 2017, bringing food to your wife and kids is as easy as hopping in your pick-up and driving 10 minutes to the nearest grocery store, but it obviously wasn’t always like that.  Years and years ago, mankind had to track, hunt, and kill an animal if they wanted protein.  This would have required hours and hours of walking, heated fights against the beasts, and then the arduous job of dragging the carcass back to the village/tribe.  This constant need for men to push their physical bodies to the limit in order to keep themselves and their families alive made them lean, virile, and strong.

Cut to 2017 and, unless you’re a hunter, of the bow or rifle variety, it isn’t very common that any man has to struggle (not counting a job for money) to bring a slab of meat home.  This has made men soft, flabby, and weak; everything we WEREN’T meant to be!

This is where weightlifting comes in:  lifting heavy ass weights replicates the efforts that men would have put in to capture big prey.  Any man who has been through a rigorous workout and woke up the next morning feeling like shit has felt the aftermath of what it would have been like to hunt elk, deer, or mammoths!  This, combined with a high protein diet, causes a chain reaction in the body that leads to more muscle!


Reason #5: It Allows You To Prepare For Just About Anything


You don’t need to be a doomsday prepper to want to be well-prepared for what life has to throw at you.  From bar fights, to 10 mile hikes, to dragging a friend out of a burning building, life can be scary as hell!  And guess who is expected in this society to meet this scary shit head-on: Men!  Regardless what those aforementioned feminists try to cram down people’s throats, there is an unspoken truth that in desperate situations, men are looked at to step up and take charge, to be ready.

Not only does weight lifting strengthen your body, it increases your tenacity; it doesn’t just fortify your limbs, it instills in you a sense of perseverance.  If you can make it through a grueling, 2 hour-long bodybuilding-style Leg Day workout, then by God, you can make it through just about anything.  Having to crank out rep after rep, defying gravity, ignoring every signal your brain is sending you to just drop the weight builds your resolve, your staunchness, your manliness.  That manliness will in turn give you the willpower to overcome any obstacle, break through any barrier, and tackle anything life throws at you.

“Every time you train, train with the motivation and purpose that you will be the hardest person someone ever tries to kill.” -Tim Kennedy.


Picking up heavy-ass shit is as intrinsic to being a man as drinking booze, getting dirty, and loving boobs. It deserves a place in your weekly schedule.  Even if it’s as simple as having a weight bench and some dumbbells in your garage or going 3 times a week to your local gym, lifting weights is so important to include in your routine.  You’ll be stronger, healthier, more muscular, and better equipped to handle life as a man.  And if the 5 reasons I listed weren’t enough to convince you to give the iron lifestyle a try, take you shirt off and go look in the mirror…now get your ass to the gym!!




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