Looking around the internet, there is a fairly common argument made by those defending us.

It’s the claim that we are a “response to Antifa,” and that we only exist because of the violent fascist nature of Antifa radicals.

Despite the well-meaning intention of this argument, it is completely wrong, and mischaracterizes our group entirely.

Those making the argument make it seem as though Proud Boys only became a group in reaction to Antifa, for the purpose of fighting them.

In reality, as a group we are nothing more than a men’s drinking club. We operate similarly to groups like the Knights of Columbus, Elks Lodge, and the Shriners.

The only major difference between us and them is that we that our founder is seen as a political figure, and Antifa is working overtime to destroy him. Antifa always starts the violence against us.

But those groups are also beginning to face attacks from the left, considering that many label the Knights of Columbus as “extremist.”

We meet up for beers at least once a month, help those who are less fortunate, and help those in our group be the best men they can be. As a group, we are trying to reinvigorate the Western spirit in men that built the modern world, starting off by improving ourselves.

We don’t care what your race, religion, or sexual orientation is.

The only thing we can be considered a response to is a Compound Media employee being a virgin, who was on the trajectory to being one forever. That’s when Proud Boys formed, so this one person could be taught how to be a man.

To look back, here is the original sizzle reel for the organization, and the points made in the video are STILL TRUE:

And here is the video description, which is my personal favorite description of the group:

“The ProudBoys are a union of like-minded individuals from around the world that have found a strong and growing brotherhood within the political and social realm. Gavin McInnes and the many contributing talents on microphones of the alternative mainstream media, have undoubtably spoken a variety of wisdoms that have rung true with those willing to listen. The ProudBoys do not denominate or discriminate by age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation — rather it’s one’s quantity and quality of pride in the valuable aspects Western culture, along with character that determines reverence. The ProudBoys are supported by facts, inspired by ideals, and committed to working toward greatness…having some fun also never hurts. Call it a club, frat…whatever—it’s a space where fellas can be fellas.”


We are not going to stop being unapologetic of who we are. We will continue to meet up, as hundreds, if not thousands of Proud Boys around the world are doing this very weekend.

If you’re a Proud Boy, or supporter, I give you an Uhuru!

If you’re some Antifa weirdo with nothing better to do, or a shitty left-wing propagandist masquerading as a journalist (you know who you are), go fuck yourself.

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Written by Luke

Buckey Wolfe Was Never A Proud Boy