Some nations are lost. Muhammad is the number one baby name in the UK. Is that country gone for good? How do you beat demographics? Canada is run by a drama teacher who is gayer than most homosexuals. Can it be saved? America is currently split in two where one half thinks the other is one big, huge Nazi and the “Nazi” side thinks the other half is hopelessly retarded. Have we reached irreconcilable differences? We’ve got progressives going to Tucker Carlson’s house chanting “No borders. No wall. No USA at all.” Will they get their wish?

On the other hand, Hungary has a wall and it’s kicking ass. Israel too has maintained their nation with a wall. Poland is woke and their future looks bright and Italy just stepped back from the ledge. The last country in the West to embrace nationalism and save themselves from becoming “no nation at all” is Brazil. We officially back Bolsonaro. He is fully red-pilled and committed to tackling the “Marxist garbage” in schools (also, his wife has fantastic tits).

Another reason you can tell Bolsonaro is the man is the Washington Post hates him. Ishaan Tharoor is a rich kid son of a diplomat who grew up with maids waiting on him hand and foot. He has never known what it is to complete a hard days work and like all elites, he loves shitting on patriots. Tharoor took a day off watching cricket to do a hit piece on Bolsonaro that bitches and moans about LGBT, aboriginals, climate change, global warming blah blah blah. It’s so tedious reading their rants these days.¬†Remember when rich people were fun? They used to just yacht around the Caribbean in an ascot sipping the finest wines known to humanity and fucking models. Now they take to Jeff Bezos’ vanity project to whine about Trump and criticize politicians who don’t want to eradicate their own country. What did Ishaan’s nannies do to him that made him into such a cunt?

Anyway, you can read the hit piece if you’re bored but you know exactly what it says. The only thing that isn’t COMPLETELY predictable about it is the graphic they used features Bolsonaro and Trump as “Proud Boys.” That’s an insult now too. I think we can all see what’s really going on here. The upper classes hate blue collars. This is probably because they resent that we know how to fix things and can handle ourselves in a fight. We make the beta elites feel insecure about their masculinity. All these New Right politicians do.

You can’t stop nationalism, pussies. It’s just a love of your nation and that’s natural. You can try to kill it but it will only come back stronger. Remember when they stabbed Bolsonaro? He came back with a sword. And as of the first day of 2019, he’s the fucking president!

Proud of your boy, Jair.


Written by The Elders

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