We are so bad at thinking these days, an entire nation is easily convinced redneck Nazis are a much more dangerous threat than Islamic terrorists. The ADL declares “More Americans killed by white supremecists [sic] than Muslim extremists, studies show” and now it makes sense to spend all your time ferreting out fictional Nazis.

As your gut may have already told you, the study is deeply flawed (as the NY Post‘s David Harsanyi explains here). First of all, they lump basically everyone right wing and mentally ill into “white supremecists [sic].” Those minimal government guys who drive their prop plane into the IRS fall into the group. Pro-family groups that don’t support gay marriage are included. Some redneck with a confederate flag who shoots a guy for fucking his wife also makes the list. Basically, their Nazi terrorists are a hodge podge of every non-liberal white guy who kills someone. They also conveniently ignore antifa and treat their domestic terror like some kind of peaceful protest. They also conveniently begin their count on September 12th, 2001 leaving out a good 3,000 people murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Here are two fun tricks to explain this to liberals.



The shooting at the synagogue was the worst case of anti-Semitic terrorism in America’s history leaving 17 innocent people dead. If there’s one thing we should be hearing about every time this subject comes up it’s this (though anti-Semitism is not on the rise in America). Charlottesville is the one we keep hearing about. Okay. I’m going to give you a list of horrific Islamic attacks POST 9-11 and you match them with white supremacist attacks. The only rule is, you’re not allowed to look it up online. Ready?

1- Those 8 people who were run over on the West Side Highway.

2- The Pulse nightclub shooting. What was that 50 people?

3- The guy in Canada who shot up that club in Toronto and the guy who shot the soldier at the War Memorial in Ottawa and the guy who was run over by a car in Quebec.

4- Dude who beheaded that lady in Oklahoma was it?

5- Guy who went nuts in at the Fort Hood military base.

6- The 14 people killed in San Bernardino.

Not to mention the thwarted bomb attacks in NYC including the one that went off in the subway. Oh, and don’t forget the murders where nobody mentions they guy was a radical Islamist like the guy who killed those two NYPD cops and said he was going to “make pigs fly.” Oh, and finally, don’t forget all these (alleged) terrorist training camps, sorry, “compounds” like the one in New Mexico where they found dead kids last summer (thumbnail above).

Ok, liberal buddy, that’s our off-the-dome list. Please provide similar attacks so we can match our death tolls up side by side. Guaranteed they will give you maybe three.



They always have an alarming number for this. Antifa says pretty much half the country is racist but you don’t get much better numbers from liberals. They always go high and that’s how they screw themselves. Say they say 40%. Okay, let’s use your numbers. The ADL says Nazis commit slightly more terrorism than Muslims. If white supremacists are, say, 40% of the country and we know Muslims are 1% of the population, that means we have a tiny percentage of the population committing as much damage as 40% of the country. Looks like we still have a serious problem with radical Islam – even using left wing statistics.

Yet, despite all this evidence. The media is totally focused on calling everyone a Nazi and rooting them out in order to prevent WW4. Can you even imagine if Islam was under the same media scrutiny conservatives are? Can you even conceive of a redneck compound of far right Christians in New Mexico where a toddler starved to death and then, that compound was linked to other Christian compounds around the country? My God! You’d never hear the end of it.



Written by The Elders

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