They are nothing new, but they are happening more often.

The case of the Jussie Smollett’s “MAGA country” hate crime hoax is far from an isolated incident. It may be the most glaring example a hate crime hoax, considering how ridiculous it all is, but it is far from the only example of the left perpetrating these fake crimes.

In this article I am going to discuss why hate crimes happen, who does them, and what the effects of them are to real people.

Before I do that, let’s go over the turn of events following the murder of Nia Wilson, and how the left can weaponize real, actual vicious crimes for their own political gain.

How the Left Politicized the Murder of An 18-Year Old Girl

Nia Wilson was an 18-year old woman who was viciously murdered by a knife wielding psycho in Oakland, California on July 22nd, 2018.

The murder was tragic, and everything points towards it being the act of a mentally ill man. But while those are the facts, this is what happened in the following days by left-wing activists trying to tie this very real tragedy to the Proud Boys:

On July 22nd, a fake news blog calling itself Oakland News Now published a story about a rumored Proud Boys meeting in Oakland on July 23rd. There was never a meetup planned on that day, with that meetup instead being one for a pro-Trump community on the website Reddit. No Proud Boys are connected to the group planning that meetup.

Then, on July 23rd, that article spawned another article, which asks the question, “The Proud Boys, White Guy Who Stabbed Black Women At Oakland Mac Arthur BART, Connected?”

So let’s break down what he’s claiming. First, because Wilson is black, and the man who stabbed her is white, he automatically claims it is racially motivated. And then, because the Proud Boys, a multi-racial fraternal group, is meeting up (we weren’t) in the same city the next day, the murder must be connected to them.

The supremely low-IQ author of the article still has it up.

And his claim was mirrored by the even more low-IQ Twitter personality Tariq Nasheed.

This claim in itself, as ridiculous as it is, is damaging to any organization or person. Despite the fact that the Proud Boys used their official Twitter to account to dispel the claim, and mirror efforts to bring justice to Nia Wilson, many left-wing figures continued to claim we were involved in the murder.

But that was far from the worst part of the ordeal.

You see, with hate crime hoaxes, they have a certain power to create a snowball effect, ultimately becoming too big to control. Unless the figures involved are major celebrities like Jussie Smollett, the average news consumer is going to have no idea that the situation was a hoax, as they will never see a followup, or like in this case, the media refuses to correct themselves.

The ultimate snowball of fake hate in this case eventually led to an even bigger hoax.

On the day of the fake Proud Boys meetup, a group of white men were attacked near a vigil for Wilson. That vigil was initially near Wilson’s murder site, but the massive crowd was later directed to go to the bar Proud Boys were supposedly meeting at.

Once they got to the bar, the group of people were attacked in a widely spread video. And the story the media accompanied with it was that Proud Boys went to the rally to mock Wilson’s family, only to be rightfully attacked by the crowd.

That rumor was mirrored by many major names, including alleged black man Shaun King, who posted a Twitter video, an article, and a Facebook post that was shared over 80,000 times lying about the incident.

He claims that the Proud Boys, who in his mind are “the new KKK,” showed up with MAGA hats on, intimidated Wilson’s family, and then got attacked by the crowd. Here is his Twitter video outlining his made up story.

Tim Pool does a great job dispelling this claim.

So how did this entire ordeal effect the Proud Boys?

Well, we got more media attention than we have ever gotten, and for something awful.

As that Google trends list shows, Proud Boys had its biggest peak, only being overshadowed by the New York 9 incident (which was also weaponized using fake news to make it seem like a hate crime), because of the Nia Wilson murderer hoax.

The murder of Nia Wilson is tragic, and something that she deserved justice for. But making up fake stories, and beating up random people to create your own narrative of justice is far from it. In fact, I would consider the intentional and malicious politicization of her murder as disgracing her memory.

In response to this, Proud Boys, in California especially, are stuck with a reputation that is not based in reality. And that was the intention of the left, who acted in an extremely malicious fashion to do that.

This is a unique situation, that may not fit he standard definition of a hate crime. But it does outline exactly how they happen, why they happen, and who perpetrated them.

How they happen?

In this case, the hoax was not the crime, as it is a very real situation. Instead of

For Jussie Smollett, he paid two people to cause the attack. In another case, an Israeli teenager called in dozens of bomb threats to Jewish community centers, that left-wing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center used to claim that “hate crimes are on the rise.” In other cases, a minority will vandalize their own property with racial slurs, or swastikas, virtually always accompanied by pro-Trump language.

The how is pretty easy to recognize, the more important question is the why?

Why they happen?

Each case is different.

In the case of the hoax around Nia Wilson, it seems to have been one very dumb person putting a theory out, that other figures could jump on to weaponize against a group they disagree with, like the Proud Boys.

The Proud Boys have long been a target of the radical left. Their foot soldiers in Antifa take to the streets, viciously attacking Trump supporters, and then a few Proud Boys hit back. Now the media, who is skewed towards those on the left regularly call us a “gang,” or “violent extremists.”

For somebody in the Proud Boys, the motivation for the slander about us is the million dollar question.

We are a group of men who meet up once or twice a month for beer.

We are positive influences in our communities, and when we form a group in specific places, we always end up making friends. We hold charity drives, volunteer our time, and do what we can to help those in need.

Notice in that article how most of the guys have their faces blacked out?

That’s because, despite them simply trying to help in charity efforts, the radical left will use their face to find their name, and then spread lies about them to get them fired, put them in physical harm, or even get their bank account shut down.

Hate crime hoaxes make their efforts to get Proud Boys fired easier. So that’s why it is beneficial for the left.

Who is doing this?

This is the easiest part to answer.

It’s the radical left, obviously.

They are incensed at the very idea of there being a fraternal organization made up of men who refuse to give in to the politically correct culture they are promoting.

And what infuriates them even more is that we are men from all races, all walks of life, all united by our belief that America is the greatest country in the world, and that the Western values that make it great should be honored.

As Pawl Bazile said in a Dangerous article about a national gathering that occured last year:

“The event was a who’s who of Proud Boys from around the world with some traveling from as far away as Australia, each with a different story to tell. Yankees and Southerners all shaking hands exchanging greetings, often with friends they’d only known from social media previously. Had anyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center been present, which has constantly smeared the organization as a “hate group,” it would have been a triggering from high heaven to witness whites, blacks, hispanics, gays, Christians, Jews, atheists, rednecks, punks, rich kids and poor bastards all together laughing and slapping backs in a scene from a Benetton ad the left could only dream of creating at their mostly upper-class outrage marches.”

Pawl Bazile, Dangerous

This very idea does strike fear in those in groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, who peddle hate as a multi-million dollar business.

I’m not implying that the SPLC is orchestrating hate crime hoaxes, but what I am stating is that they do benefit when they occur.

Until Americans unite together and realize that the racist boogeyman so many are afraid of is a creation of their own imagination, we will stay united. I’m not implying that racism doesn’t exist, and that we shouldn’t stand together when it rears its ugly head, but creating racists when they aren’t there is dangerous.

Next time you want to hurl that “Nazi,” or “white supremacist” insult at somebody you don’t know, maybe you should sit down and talk with them first. You may be being duped into hating somebody you could call brother or sister.


Written by Luke


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