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The Propaganda in Food Shows

Multiculturalism should just aim to be the “mall food court of cultures” and stop there. Seasonal street parades are cool too but that’s it. Total multiculturalism, on the other hand, tears apart the host country and allows all non-indigenous groups to establish their own sovereign territories to be run in the way of their homelands. American Indians learned this centuries ago. Parisians just found out about it.
Progressives decided that the “melting pot” is profoundly racist and that assimilation equals to genocide. They abandoned the melting pot for the “fruit salad.” They see Western countries as colorless plastic bowls where each non-Western group should freely relocate restriction-less without being asked to adapt according to native cultures. This way liberals can still have each group distinct, superficial trait (food, music, clothing) without the hustle of having to travel around the globe. Most leftists don’t live in the ghettos their policies create and don’t work in the industries immigrants morph, so they won’t be impacted by it. Also, not allowing immigrants to integrate into mainstream society benefits the liberal activists these ghettoized peoples will have to rely on in order to communicate with the outside world.
They brag about the “global village” but it looks more like a “global zoo” to me. This is why we see their ideology being pushed upon us through culinary propaganda.

After Anthony Bourdain the most recent talking head who left his mark in the culinary propaganda circus is Eddie Huang (aka “Chigger Roll”).

(Below: Eddie and a Cafe Owner Stop to bash the free market and praise Castro & Mao.  Earlier in the clip they praise black nationalist Markus Garvey on a food show)

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 28: (L-R) Chef Eddie Huang, chef, author, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain
One doesn’t have to watch more that Eddie’s Sicilian episode to understand that his resentment of white people is so embroiled in his persona that he should be discussing it with an honest therapist rather than using it to boost his career. His show’s cultural worthlessness reflects its average consumer as well as the platform that produced it. I mean, they couldn’t even properly pin Palermo’s exact location on their map! This said, I have to admit that it was quite amusing seeing how Eddie inadvertently compared today’s Mediterranean migrant crisis to ancient invasions. Isn’t that what the media berates right-wingers for saying?
Using Italy, of all nations, as an example of harmonic historical multiculturalism is idiotic. But visiting Italy and saying that it could use thousands more of unruled and loud poor people is borderline sociopathic.
Huang’s program is better interpreted as the visual representation of the common remark lefties say whenever someone dares to criticize multiculturalism: “but the food’s great bro!
Well, apparently that’s all that matters to them.
But why such ideological catechism is being pushed through food shows? And why is food held so highly and used as the favored medium to approach extremely complex realities?
First, people with the attention span of crumb-picking birds need something colorful and superfluous to keep them exited about boring topics, like history. Millennials are a product of the cultural left and nobody knows how to manipulate and stir them towards the right side of history better than their own creator.
Second, because these shows offer the comforting illusion that you can be both politically relevant and understand diversity simply by gargling exotic treats.
It’s as if propagandists are whispering: “Don’t feel bad. You’re not lazy, greedy pigs…oh no…you’re ACTIVISTS!
Facts, costs and risks are all slapped off the table to make room for juicy shish kebobs.
Too bad that food often triggers situations that will make us regret not having favored boiled potatoes. Italians brought to America the best food on earth…along with an ancient, well-structured criminal subculture that managed to create a semi-parallel ruling system that influenced the USA and altered its economic orders for more than a century. Ask any unbiased criminologist how could we tame the Mafia and their response may surprise you: assimilation.
The R.I.C.O. Act forced more wiseguys to flip than before and put many of them behind bars for life, but if the number of people who culturally valued the Mafia as a legitimate lifestyle didn’t decrease you’d still have to deal with some track-suit wearing guido whenever you wanted to do renovations on your propriety. Italians were never applauded for living in ghettos, they were mocked. Immigration restrictions were implemented allowing those already here to morph into mainstream society since no more “fresh blood” was keeping their ghettos culturally segregated. So they learned the language, left Little Italies and realized that there was an ocean of opportunities outside of book, shy and dope. All this while the general American population was still extremely wary of them and anti-Italian discrimination was rampant. Yet they succeeded.
But the America where the Italian-American dream happened no longer exists.
Most of today’s immigrants won’t assimilate because the culture of most Western countries is already not respected, appreciated, taught or even understood by most of the native Westerns these recently landed people interact with. Way too many of us despise our own culture and civilization. Claims that Western culture and way of life doesn’t exist and that we’ve taken everything we have from someone else have become the de-facto backbone of social studies.
With this fact clear in mind, what do we expect these immigrants to assimilate into precisely? We are the ones telling them that we don’t exist, that our forefathers were evil. We’re telling them that we suck. In all honesty, would you join a club whose members openly advertise themselves as oppressive and disgusting?
And what are the contemporary Western values if we really look closely? What our intellectual elites value in practice and action? The only thing today’s North America and Western Europe value about their own culture is guilt for ancient sins, something these people immigrating here can’t, and won’t, share in. So many Westerns are so ready and happy to disown their ancestors and their civilization, but they’re going to be stunned when they realize that spiritual and political leaders from non-Western societies will take this opportunity to institute their cultures in its place. So far Trump has failed to put an end to this and I doubt he’ll last long enough to re-shape the entire intellectual stage.
So what are leftists going to do when their multicultural society meets cultures that actively reject being multicultural?
What will happen when “people of color” won’t agree with coerced cultural Marxism, shallow materialism and won’t deny their ethnic pride?
What will the Berkeley crowd do once it will realize that not all peoples are equally subjugated as Western whites are?


They certainly won’t tell them to leave, because that’d be racist. They won’t put up a fight either, because they’re delusional pacifists. What will it be then? Unquestioned submission.

Written by Roberto Schram

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