Hates Women; Loves Pedos

Mathew Sheffield attacks Daily Caller, gets called out by Proud Boys

Martina Markota is a conservative commentator for the Daily Caller and has been a career performance artist.  One day, Matthew Sheffield of was looking at pictures of her online when his pee-pee got a little hard, which instantly turned to rage about her political views.  What followed was a 3000 word beta-male-whine fest read in a sing-song tattletale cadence.

The impotent blogger, who identifies with the left of course, just could not bear the thought that there was a woman in the world who was allowed to have ideas different from his own.  It seems through his article that disagreeing with this stud muffin, will lead to him sourcing Antifa blogs as “fact” all over his article and questioning a women’s job at a publication he doesn’t think you should be reading.  Matthew Sheffield thinks that if a pretty woman get hired somewhere, it must only be for her looks:

Some of your colleagues might think that statement is sexist as hell.  So may some of your employers.  Or being a liberal writer, maybe you’ve never dealt with an attractive woman who has a brain.  I believe an immediate apology is an order, Mr. “Male Feminist”.  (sidebar: have you ever met a self described male feminist who doesn’t come off a little rapey?  I haven’t)


Reminder: are the people who openly endorsed pedophilia in a piece where they sympathized with a pedophile who couldn’t look more like a pedophile if he had “pedophile” written on his head in a red magic marker:

For the dad’s out there who watched that for the first time and rejoined us after your Hulk-Rage induced blackout after hearding the word “precocious”; welcome back.  That man is a babysitter: Salon Approved.

Did wet-pile-of-shit-in-people-clothes writer Mathew Sheffield disavow that piece?  Did he resign in protest?  Did he heroically refuse to write for a publication endorsing pedophilia as just another “sexual orientation”?  Of course not.  There have even been rumors that Sheffield may have been one of the staffers who was upset at the pieces’ removal due to advertising pressure (damn those corporate masters).  Recently Milo Yiannopoulos, author of the New York Times best selling book Dangerous, wrote a op-ed for the Daily Caller denouncing Kevin Spacey’s own pedophilia allegations and lambasting his hypocrisy.  This was Salon’s own Mathew Sheffield’s take away on twitter:

So the race mixing, homosexual with Jewish blood putting pedo’s on blast is a White Nationalist?  I guess there’s a chance.  Does he have an inside source?  A Scoop?  Surely, there are no clips easily found of Milo addressing that question openly?

Sheffield’s theory must be people like Milo, Martina, Gavin, and likely myself are secret white nationalists.  After all, cultural commentators on the right go through great pains to make our positions perfectly clear and repeatedly declare no sympathy, love, or interest in “white nationalism”.

Wouldn’t that hurt our “master plain”?  If someone believes this country is just for white people, it’s a bit counter productive to welcome in people of all races, using ideas to bond us rather than heritage, just to sit around secretly hating them when actually white nationalist tend to just tell you what they think.  It would be like being “secretly vegan” and eating ribs all day to keep up appearances.  It doesn’t work that way.  My theory is so many bloggers on the left think this because as much as they say they aren’t communist, boy they tend to love communism… Like Salon.

This is exactly what Gavin McInnes was referring too when he coined “mentally ill news“.   Communists, like Mathew Sheffield, not only passively endorse the domestic terror group Anti-fa, they sight them in their libel writing as absolute fact.  When they see a female vision carved from one magnificent piece, put out on this Earth only to taunt men, also into the arts; turn out to be a conservative firebrand like Martina Markota they are humiliated on the inside.  All the things they thought they needed to believe to get a girl like that to like that, turned out to be bullshit.  Deep down they know it.  Our women are better.

If a guy like Mathew isn’t even good enough to be a friend-zoned “ally,” he turns into a robot when you ask it a riddle.  That’s what happens when you believe in identity politics instead of princples.  You end up finding a contradiction, like Milo, like Martina who won’t be a kept pet so the next step is try and discredit and destroy.  Let’s see how he did:

I see what he did there, started by implying its a given Martina Markota is Alt-Right, then questioned if her motives were dishonest.  Brought up Milo and Gavin to dog whistle to his readers (“see, we know they’re bad!  That’s why Salon keeps writing about them.”)  Alt-Knights are not “para-military you dummy, and Gavin did not “launch” them.  Putting jokes in quotes like that’s a smoking gun, but again push the conspiracy of “the secret racist” that doesn’t make sense (especially for a guy with mixed race kids).  6 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  Did he just write the word nigger???  Dude, not okay!  Not your word to use.  Hey, don’t start claiming context now, you didn’t give Martina that chance, did you?  She laughed at a bad word, huh?  That’s where we’re at?  Are you positive you’ve never laughed at anything slightly inappropriate… because the joke she laughed at was in fact laughed at for being so inappropriate.

Here’s Bob Saget to help me demonstrate:

That’s from the film “the Aristocrats” the point of which is, we have all reveled in a dirty joke.  As for the people in the “close knit world of burlesque,” the fact is he’s not showing the remarks they are “circulating” because either they A. don’t exist or B. are likely as tame as “I support Trump”.  But I’m sure 57 year old performer, Stormy Leather, was in no way threatened by a younger and more in demand attraction like Martina.  7 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars

“Radical” in this case = Crazed Bernie Supporter screaming constantly about how Trump is Hitler and Martina saying “Actually, I like Trump”.  But who’s more understanding than the left??  6 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars

It just so happens that you sir picked a fight with the girl who helps me decide what tie to wear from time to time, so I contacted her and have the exclusive Martina Markota quote right here:  I asked what she thought about the Mathew Sheffield piece and she replied “Who the hell is Mathew Sheffield?”.  You left quite an impression, you silver tongued devil.  2 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars

Yawn.  You are verbal ambien.  You’re writing is a large Turkey dinner, 3 glasses of cheap red wine, and my Uncle telling me about a car accident that happened 19 years ago.  Who gives a fuck??  You fucking wash woman.  Is this the best you got?  Quotes from catty dried up spinsters, and a 6 degrees of separation of “things Martina passively said she liked” (possibly sarcastically)?  Wow.  Who can love her, huh?  But just to do research for you, “biology deniers” in this context is referring to people who believe gender is a social construct; not race whatsoever.  9 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars for throwing racial shade out of context.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lady Alchemy in “Milk is Racist”:

My god!  A wacky New York artist doing irreverent art!

The point of the “Milk is Racist” troll, was people like you think everything is racist, so people said “I’ll bet we can get them to think the “OK” hand gesture is racist, and you took the bait.  Then they thought, if we say we love Trump and drink milk the left will call milk racist… and you’re the last one to know Matt!!!  So rather than use dildos, and period blood, and aborted babies in her art; Martina used milk, and somehow that more offense to a guy like you.  2 out of 10 Dishonesty Stars cause I actually think you’re this stupid.


So that’s it?  This Salon writer who they might start paying soon is basically upset that conservatives can have their own personalities.  The left doesn’t have a monopoly on eccentricities and if right wing commentators don’t match your cartoonish idea of how they ought to look it does not imply “evil”.  Jackass.  We don’t need to go to Mathew Sheffield to approve our opinions , our beliefs, our women, or our weirdness, but I suppose people like him aren’t used to dealing with people who think remotely differently.  Salon, who thought giving a sympathic forum to a pedophile, believes it’s going to be the arbiter of moral purity for the rest of us, I don’t think so.

Serious question, and this is just for Mathew, everyone else can cover their eyes… Are you a rapist?  Are you 100% sure you don’t have anything hiding in your past maybe you don’t want out there?  An inglorious moment?  Something awkward?  I only ask cause the type of scrutiny you apply to an NYU educated self-made conservative woman digging at every knit-picky, up for interruption, or easily explained  details in an effort to somehow humiliate her tells me either you have a squeaky clean perfect life…. or maybe you’re trying to humiliate a woman to take her down to your emotional size symptomatic of past or potential rapists & abusers.  I personally want to encourage any woman who has been abused, or believes she has witnessed abused from’s Mathew Sheffield to come forward and seek help.

Look at him. Looks like the kind of guy who still calls spaghetti “pasghetti” in front of his mom.  Looks like a Stretch Armstrong fucked the cast of Superbad.  Looks like Rocky Dennis in the Fun House Mirror.  Looks like Haley Joel Osment now.  I hate the fedora I’m sure he owns.  I can not understand how someone like him presumes to tell women how to think.  Especially Martina Markota, the Cadillac of women.

I can’t imagine how threatened Mathew Sheffield must feel and mad that the “pretty girl” can do your job better than you, as you dig your way out of student debt.  You need to keep calling people like Martina “Alt-Right” cause if you agree they’re not (and they’re not) you might have to (gasp) debate them on the merit of their argument and actual options.  That’s hard and you’re lazy, so “Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right”.

I would love the opportunity to light you up on the field of debate.  I may not like you Mathew, but please, please remember, I also don’t respect you.  You’re dishonest and scared.  Choose any topic we disagree on, any public forum, and I will debate you.  I mean, I’m just some working class, punk rocker kid from Jersey who really didn’t go to college, it should be an easy night for your youtube demo reel.  Cause either I’m bluffing, or I’m stupid… or you’re WRONG.  I don’t believe you are emotionally prepared to deal with that last eventually.  Is Gavin right?  Are you a pussy?


Gavin might not have time for you, but I got oodles.

I’m your Huckleberry.  

Say when.



Pawl Bazile is the Production director of Proud Boy Magazine and you can find him on Twitter @PawlBazile


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PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

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