From Sacramento Proud Boys,

“Paradise City lost dozens of lives and 10,000 homes in the California fires. We decided to focus our free time on helping them out and expected to get a couple necessities but holy crap did things ever blow up! We had companies donating food and water and trying to give us money personally (we obviously refused). We collected stuff for roughly 4 or 5 days then, yesterday, brothers came from Fairfield, Sacramento and Placerville to help load the rest of the donations. After we loaded everything up, we headed to Sacramento to meet more brothers to collect their donations. Then we drove up to Grass Valley to drop off some of the donations to a family who had opened up their property to victims of the fire. While we were there we helped them run some electrical cable underground so they would have electricity and hot water, etc. We let them take anything they wanted and even pushed some more stuff on them but the 26-foot bobtail was still about 80% full. So, plan B was to find a drop point where people could just come and take what they need. We had contacted Harley Davidson dealer in Rocklin, CA who was happy to have us until he saw the sheer volume of what we had. They simply didn’t have the space to take it all. We finally found a high school to take it all which was great because the kids came out and helped.

This was just such an incredible experience. We set out to do something and were lifted up by dozens of people with way more enthusiasm than us. We put in a little and got back ten times more. It was amazing. I love this club!”



Written by The Elders

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