RELEASE: Proud Boys Statement On J.L. Van Dyke

JL Van Dyke worked tirelessly for the Proud Boys and sent a letter to every media source who called us white nationalist or racist or alt-right or anti-semitic etc. He did this literally hundreds of times – all for free. He also did a lot of charity work during hurricanes and even drove a boat called the SS Uhuru.

Unfortunately, he is being stalked and harassed by someone with seemingly limitless resources. They have come after his family and come to his home several times. He will likely lose his license and possibly much more. This has caused him to completely lose his temper and say some horrible things to his attackers that simply can’t be taken back.

It’s ironic that he worked so hard to help our reputation but also made some regrettable mistakes that could hurt our reputation.

So, it pains us to say Jason Lee Van Dyke is no longer a member of the Proud Boys fraternity and will no longer be representing the fraternity in any legal capacity.

Please direct any questions to the Elders, and our chairman, Enrique Tarrio at


Written by The Elders

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Announcing The New Proud Boys Bylaws, And Our Chairman