14 Questions to ask Silly Liberals

1. If you believe that the US sends too many people to prison, then how should we punish those who violate gun laws? Does more gun control mean sending more people to prison?

2. Why are feminists in favor of gun control? Shouldn’t all women have the right to carry a concealed weapon, as guns are the ultimate equalizer?

3. Why has the ACLU never defended the Second Amendment? Isn’t their primary purpose to defend the Constitution?

4. Does limiting gun rights give law enforcement more power or less?

Sitting atop some results of the Australia gun-buyback program, September 8, 1996 (William West/AFP/Getty)

5. If there’s no difference between genders, does this mean that transsexuals are mentally ill?

6. Why don’t liberals open their homes to undocumented immigrants? Or Muslim refugees?

7. What are liberals’ opinions about how Islam treats women and gays?

8. If most medical researchers are part of the 1%, then why do they need our tax dollars to do research?

8. If you’re offended by mere words, doesn’t this make you a weak person?

9. Is the lesson of “sticks and stones” obsolete?

10. If sexual orientation isn’t a choice, then why are men criticized for being attracted to lean bodies and big tits?

11. How do liberal protestors feel about the fact that they made Ben Shapiro and Milo Yanapolous rich and famous?

12. If liberals refuse to watch FoxNews or listen to conservative views, how do they know these folks are so terrible?

13. Wouldn’t feminists have been ashamed that the first female president might have been Hillary?

14. How “black” was Obama if he was raised by a white woman in Hawaii?


Written by Alex Marcus

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