Proud Boys Defend Themselves from Masked Attackers; World goes Ape-shit

Antifa Picks a Fight with Proud Boys in NYC and loses again. The left can’t stop sulking about it.

First off, I speak for all Proud Boys when I say I’d like to thank the mayor, the governor, and the media for creating 1000 new Proud Boys this weekend. Thanks guys, can’t even keep up with the emails.

2ndly big shout out to the corrupt mainstream media weasels reading this right now. I know you just can’t wait to twist what you read here into your verbal feces hoping that this is the big break that might get you a 5 minute spot trying to sound smart while you talk in up-speak on Tucker.

Now let’s talk about what happened Friday that’s causing all this…

Friday night Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes was scheduled to do a talk at the New York Metropolitan Republican Club. Keep in mind conservatives can’t speak on campuses or theaters due to radical left wing violence, but hey, it’s not like the left is against free speech so surely Gavin can delight crowds with his controversial “how great it is to be a dad” and “business owners are cool” rhetoric at a private club.

No such luck. You know, guys, I’m starting to think the left might be hypocritical.

The night before the club was vandalized by the FBI classified domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa.





























They even left a little note:

If you can get through the ramblings of the syphilitic brain that jotted this down, you might have noticed these bullet points:

  • They believe this is a Mad Max-style world where black people are being hunted for sport in the streets
  • They think the US is littered with concentration camps that Mexicans are being death marched into
  • Even ANTIFA renounces the Democratic party. When you’re a big enough loser to be in Antifa, and you think the Democrats are such losers you don’t want their stink on you.. what kind of losers does that make the Democrats?
  • They warned: “This is merely the beginning…”. Thanks, evil wizard from Lord of the Rings dialogue writer
  • They assured us they are not “civil”. I say we take their word for it

During the speech a small group of Antifa members stood outside hollering and kicking their feet –as they do.Their signs all looked like they were printed at the same Kinkos and freshly handed out.


McInnes told us  “As I was inside doing my talk, the lunatics were outside screaming at people who came and went. They beat the crap out of some citizen journalist (who may not even be right wing) and took his backpack. Police saw this and charged three of them with assault and theft. The NYPD finally let us out about half an hour after the talk (why is antifa still there if they’re not looking for violence?) I was whisked away in a car as they tried to attack and even threw a bottle of piss at the car. I took out my plastic toy sword and said, “All hail Otoya Yamaguchi!” which made them go even crazier. It was funny but the cops were annoyed and shooed us away.”






Inside, the speech went great. Gavin did a comedy routine with his personal butler, Ryan “Katsu” Rivera, involving a plastic prop sword; Role-playing the execution of the man who tried to bring socialism to Japan. Hilarity ensued.

The police told the crowd they wanted to escort them out in two groups: 1st was the non-Proud Boys. 2nd was the Proud Boys. The protestors were obviously hostile from being joyless losers and the police knew it.


A backpack containing a wallet was stolen off a man earlier that night by these “peaceful protestors.” Three scumbags were arrested for the assault, harassment, and robbery.

As the Proud Boys were going to their cars/trains, they were followed, harassed, and finally attacked. You can see the video here:

Here is the shorter version most media is using:

Masked Antifa rioters dressed all in black  were witnessed to be at the NY Met Republican Club all night and attacked a few Proud Boys walking a little behind the pack. They tried to steal a MAGA hat and got physical. Some of the other guys turned around and fought them off. As we know from past Antifa attacks they use weapons, attack from behind, and love to use a number advantage when they can so the Proud Boys did what we had to do to keep everyone safe and defend ourselves.

One of the Proud Boys up front saw the altercation break out and witnessed a masked man in black hurrying towards them. Not wanting to mistakenly hit a bystander, he calmly looked at the man and asked “Are you Antifa?” The man responded by doing a 180 and running away like a cartoon mouse.

Gavin described the scene to PBM: “Proud Boys walked out around the same time and were promptly ambushed. An antifa kid I recognized (black plug earrings, wide mohawk, plastic knuckle fighting gloves) from the very beginning of the talk was with the ambush group. These were not random strangers. I can verify they were there from the beginning and had been waiting hours and hours for conflict. There was only about four of them but they promptly stole a MAGA hat (which they call “scalping”) without realizing there were twenty other Proud Boys behind the first. Maybe they DID realize and wanted the optics of being beaten so the DNC and the MSM could complain about “Hate” groups wandering the street and attacking random innocent citizens? I don’t know. The whole thing is downright bizarre. I can’t get over how nice all their signs and banners were – clearly professionally made and clearly made for them by someone else. This was not grassroots. It was about smearing me, and Proud Boys, Trump, and the GOP. The left recognizes they’re getting known as a violent mob so they want to goad us into appearing violent too.”

That’s really it. Guys in NYC were threaten by a known terrorist group, some of whom were even arrested earlier that night, they were attacked and came out on top. Happy ending.

Enter the media. Here are some headlines:


Gavin told Proud Boy Magazine
“The new angle from the left (media and DNC) is that I had this fiery talk inciting violence and then people got hurt. The truth is out “funeral ceremony” was clearly a troll. It was a stand-up comedy set, really. Only, instead of most comedy you see these days, it was all pro-Trump and focused on making fun of liberals. The violence was directed – not from us but – AT us and it began days before the event. The extreme-left was encouraging violence at the talk, passing out flyers, and even had a Facebook event centered on causing trouble at the talk. As everyone knows, they vandalized the club the night before and threatened, “This is only the beginning.””


A HuffPo writer asked for Gavin’s comments. Gavin sent this back:

That turned into this:

Pro-Trump Gang Seen In Footage Assaulting Anti-Fascist Protesters In Manhattan

Was “Pro Trump Fascist Hitler Gang for Nazis beats up the Sweetest Sweeties of All-Time” taken? Ever wonder why no one trusts the media anymore?

To the uninitiated, the media likes to do certain things when talking about the Proud Boys. You’ll notice the domestic terrorist group -Antifa- are always referred to simply as “protestors” or “non-violent protestors.” They will also referred to them as “anti-fascists” instead of Antifa so they don’t have to explain their violent Marxist past and imply that whoever they were protesting must be fascist.

They also conveniently ignore parts of the story that make them look stupid. Like, who attacked whom.

Also, they love to pretend that the Proud Boys had something to do with Unite the Right. Jot this down: We didn’t. It’s well documented we disavowed the event as a group before and after it happened.

Media types will call the Proud Boys “fascist” despite the fact be are openly hated by fascists, which we are pretty comfortable with. They will call us Nazis despite openly despising any weirdo droning on about Hitler and doing National Socialist cosplay in his homemade SS uniform. They say we’re alt-right even though being alt-right excludes you from membership in our men’s club.

We have a gay Vice President and many gay members who are our brothers; they write we’re anti-gay. We are never and will never restrict membership based on race and have members of all races… they will call us racists. They say we’re Anti-Immigration without saying the word “illegal” or stopping to think about how Gavin and Milo –our President and Vice President– are both immigrants.

When they smell our lawyers coming they just stick to calling us “Far-Right” which is a term that means nothing. To the bottom feeding press, everyone without a rainbow flag pick and sickle tattoo is far-right. Next time someone says “far-right” stop and ask them which conservatives aren’t far right in their eyes.

But they did what they do and got the attention of some New York government officials:

This is the biggest overreaction since Joe Pesci shot Spider in Goodfellas.

They even posted a hotline number for “tips”:

You know that 200 people confessed to killing the Lindbergh baby, but that doesn’t make it so. Nice of the terrible, terrible mayor to give a group of people like Antifa –well known for targeted harassment– a place they can give false leads.No wonder the NYPD turned their backs on you.




This situation is being painted as the Proud Boys were roaming the streets randomly attacking everyone in our path. They even keep mentioning that Gavin had a sword, without mentioning it was a $6 toy prop sword he used for a comedy routine.

They leave out that the NY Metropolitan Republican Club was not only attacked the night before, but harassed for days before the event, according to insiders.

They ignore the group of guys who were attacked by people in masks and focus on the word “faggot” being used in the heat of a fight. If we’re guilty of that, you may as well look at World Star Hip-Hop if you want to start somewhere to police language people use while punching.

The limousine liberals in New York are openly refusing to keep people in their city safe if they know there are no votes in it for them.

In the mean time NYC is the place where Gavin McInnes was pepper sprayed by the same type of mob in masks and black hoods.

The good mayor didn’t exactly “stop at nothing” to bring the assailant to “justice.” First he needs to help OJ find the real killers I suppose.

And lets ignore the fact that Antifa groups are being bused into events around the country for the express reason of assaulting innocent people –and the Proud Boys have a history of finishing those fights:

Like in Providence


The Famous Rufio incident in Portland

San Diego

The videos go on and on. Hysterical Marxists is masks starting a fight; the Proud Boys defending themselves and finishing it.

We don’t wear masks.That’s because our club is not trying to break the law. Antifa hide their face because they know they are going to break the law. Stupid.

When they fight they usually attack from behind, try to isolate while they have bigger numbers, and use weapons on unarmed people. When they get caught up and lose, suddenly they turn into innocent little care bears and the media goes along with whatever they say. Fighting back isn’t shameful, especially when knowing the kind of mentally ill sociopaths we’re up against can end like this:

Now it appears that kind of violence is endorsed by the New York Democratic Party who seems hungry to railroad the Proud Boys in a kangaroo court, while the governor and mayor have already made up their minds as to what happened. They are Antifa and should be investigated as to why they are refusing to acknowledge the known terror group who started Friday’s conflict and the threats being made to GOP headquarters in NYC.

Gavin told us “…since that night I’ve been hounded by journalists dripping with prejudice. They’re not interested in seeing the talk or hearing my side. They conflate the first two attacks into one and pretend the ambush-ers were arrested for getting beaten up by us. I’m even told the NYT’s Ashley Southall is going to try to link all this to Charlottesville and blame us for that too. Reporters are really not into the truth these days. They’re into furthering the DNC’s agenda. We’re going to sue everyone who gets it wrong. I’m done with the lies.”
He continued “I’ll be airing my entire talk on’s “Get Off My Lawn” this Monday night. When everyone sees the talk that allegedly “incited violence” they’re all going to learn how much, “Their shit’s all retarded.””

We will never hesitate to defend ourselves and innocent people from a violent mob. Fuck around and find out.






PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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