PHOTO ALBUM: Islamberg Ride for Homeland Security

We came, we saw, we ate pork

Photos from Delaware County, New York. Everything Patriot organized “Islamberg Exposed: Ride for Homeland Security.” The goal was for Americans concerned with homeland security to peacefully ride down a public country road through a suspected radical Muslim training camp despite those residents disliking outsiders. That goal was achieved. 


Everything Patriot, Proud Boys, Red Elephants, Oath Keepers, Motorcycle Club members, soccer moms, and interested locals get ready to ride.


Ready to roll.


Pawl Bazile of Proud Boy Magazine, sporting a bullet-proof vest, is interviewed by a curious college student. 

Proud Boy Magazine rolls out.

On the road and through the isolated compound. No protests like last year. Fun Fact: Islamberg is located directly beside the reservoir that supplies NYC with ALL of its water. 


Police line the small part of the road where a handful of locals came out to greet us and take our pictures. Too bad they declined our invitation to join us on the ride and give us a tour. Some by the tent put the flag up. Awesome—we like our flag.



We park and celebrate a good ride. No one was hurt. No drama. We did what would have been less interesting if there wasn’t so much resistance to people with flags politely driving down a road. 

After the Ride, we feasted. Proud Boys 4 Lyf. 


We came out clean on the other side.


Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. (Incomplete group shot.)





Written by Konstantine

Beyond the void but deep within me a swamp of filth exists, a lake it was of crystal beauty but Arda's spring went by.....

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