Tariq Nasheed claims he needs reparations because Proud Boys get to plea out every time they get in trouble. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Out of the ten people arrested for defending themselves on October 12th, only two took a plea.

As NBC News reports Jake Freijo and Eryk Kaczynski took five days of community service. They were not involved in the melee but they were there. Spending ten grand on a lawyer to avoid picking up garbage by the highway is not a smart investment. It’s also worth noting that Jake isn’t a Proud Boy.

Jake was involved in an earlier confrontation, however. Him and Gavin Wax alerted cops when antifa mobbed a citizen journalist, beat his head in, and stole his equipment. Antif, sorry, “anti-fascist prostestors” Finbarr Slonim, Kai Russo and Caleb Perkins were arrested for the attack. Somehow, high end lawyers magically appeared to defend these terrorists and they got off with misdemeanours and probation. They were also granted a speedy trial. We’re still looking at months.

The three Proud Boys facing the most serious charges are still facing the most serious charges. Douglas Lennan, and Maxwell Hare, and John Kinsman were all offered terrible deals this past Friday. Doug was offered three years probation. Max was offered six months in jail and Doug was offered a year in prison. For what? Defending themselves after being ambushed by antifa? An ambush the NYPD described in acute detail during their press conference? (3:15 antifa “circled the block”)

Max, Doug, and John refused the plea. They will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending themselves and this could go on for years. They do not have lawyers who magically appear and grant them quick and easy probation.

So, you have ONE Proud Boy who took a plea and he did the right thing because he was looking at a huge trial for nothing. Everyone else is still stuck in the legal system. The offers they get are completely ridiculous and are treated as such. Once again, Proud Boys are the targets of #FakeNews.

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Written by Luke

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