No, we were not declared an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism” by the FBI. A small town cop wrote that on an internal memo to cover his ass. Here’s what really happened: last summer, the top brass at a Vancouver, Washington police station were getting hammered by leftist bloggers because one of their deputies was caught wearing a “Proud Boys Girls” shirt. They capitulated and fired her immediately. Now, police departments don’t want to get sued so in the report they spiced up the danger Proud Boys present and wrote, “The FBI categorizes the Proud Boys as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism.”


Now she can’t sue them for wrongful dismissal and everything’s fine. Nobody will see this memo and the Alt-Left will stop these annoying phone calls and messages. However, this is not how the left works. The anti-Trump group “Property of the People” demanded they see the memo and lo and behold, leftist rhetoric had made it to the report. The story then went viral and is now accepted as fact. Many assume it was a recent declaration the FBI themselves made to the press as some kind of formal warning. The reporters who noticed the report was old news claim, “The FBI has been calling them an extremist group since August.” NOT ONE REPORTER MAKING THIS CLAIM SPOKE TO THE ACTUAL FBI.

We did. They told us the extremist groups they recognize are Al Queda, Al Shabaab, Hizballah, ISIL/ISIS, Kahane Chai, and FARC. That’s it. Outside of those six well-known terrorist groups, they only deal with individuals and that person’s particular crimes. The quote we keep getting back is, “We don’t police ideaology.” We have filed a Freedom of Information request to get more information and all but begged them to correct the record but we’re doubtful that will happen. For the record, it’s not “extreme” to fight back after being attacked and the only ties we have with white nationalists is when we tell them to get lost.

UPDATE: The FBI has since publicly confirmed all this.

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