KING OF THE CLOWNS: More Lies About the NYC9

You know we are living in a Clown World when the media – and soon the justice department – turn to clowns for evidence. Retarded cockatoo Vic Berger’s job is to take videos and re-edit them into something that didn’t happen. That’s literally his job.

The remarkably uncomfortable Berger is totally open about this but at the same time, he pretends he is a reliable source and regularly frames the people he’s stalking. Several prominent conservatives have filed criminal complaints and restraining orders against him but in a mentally ill society, the mentally ill stalkers are the ones you go to for the latest news (Berger added fake audio of a child being beaten and used it to say Mike Cernovich beats his daughter – criminal charges have been filed). His most recent foray into lying about people is this video where he claims he synced up all the October 12th footage in order to “prove” Proud Boys started the fight that happened after Gavin’s talk at the Manhattan Republican Club. This version of events has tens of thousands of views and will be accepted as fact but it is 100% false. That could make it to the courts, however. Then guys go to prison based on a fake video.

Now here’s the truth. Proud Boys ran over AFTER antifa ambushed them. Timcast (who is not a comedy editor) has documented this fairly well. Uncomfortable Vic changed the timing and made it look like Proud Boys ran over first. Here is what the video footage looks like when synced correctly.

Lunatics on the left say, “He’s best known as a video satirist but…” and ask why this wasn’t put together sooner. They did put it together sooner. It exonerated the Proud Boys. They didn’t think to put out a fake one until now because we hadn’t reached sufficient levels of clown world. We have arrived.

UPDATE: Why the hell are we here in the first place? Well, we know why we’re here. This whole thing got politicized and justice went out the window. Remember the press conference? The NYPD clearly stated, “Six individuals [antifa] circled the block, and came – 82nd St. and Lex – to Park to try to intercept the group [Proud Boys] that was being escorted south on Park Avenue.”


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