Everyone is pissed off at Kim Foxx, the State’s attorney who let off Jussie Smollett for charges surrounding his fake hate crimes after receiving a request from Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff, and current SPLC employee.

So what does she do in the face of this scandal?

Apologize? Resign? Nope, she refuses to accept responsibility and deflects by attacking Proud Boys, the left’s favorite drinking fraternity to slander.

When being asked legitimate questions about her bad behavior, she instead attempts to paint herself a victim by claiming that it is “white nationalists” opposing her.

While the “white nationalists” she is referring to could be real, it is most likely just another hoax, as many in the media are claiming those “white nationalists” is a man in a Proud Boys scarf who showed up at rally supporting the Fraternal Order of Police who are calling for an investigation into Foxx.

But not everyone is buying it, as it is complete bullshit.

The reality of the matter, which most reading this article already understand is that the Proud Boys are not white nationalists. Instead, we are multi-racial fraternity of men who largely unite around our refusal to buy into the far-left social justice agenda being promoted by the elites in society.

We are exactly what the left fears most, without even making politics a major part of what we’re about (you’d be surprised how little it actually comes up at meetups.) What they fear is people uniting. As a group, we are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and every other race under the sun. We are white collar, blue collar, upper, middle, and lower class, yet get along with very few conflicts.

In the age of outrage culture, and clickbait headlines, that doesn’t work. There needs to be something insidious behind it all. So people like Kim Foxx, who is a part of an elite culture that fetishises oppression so they have something to virtue signal over, paint us as the evil racists they want us to be.

Don’t buy it. And don’t listen to the mainstream media. They have incentive to stretch the truth and outright lie to get clicks. If you aren’t already one of their targets, you could just as easily be the next in their cross hairs.

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