The Total and Utter Insanity Surrounding “We the People” Rally

The most insane allegation the Proud Boys ever received was that we were planning a Nazi rally outside the Jewish museum in Philly. This was pretty shortly after that horrific shooting at the synagogue. WTF? What planet are these people living on? What kind of mayor would give a permit for something that sadistic? Over 4,000 people reTweeted this retarded message and the Jewish Museum tweeted out “we’re open” on the day of the event. The only place and time something like this would be remotely believable would be in Germany in 1943 and even then you’d probably have a couple Nazis going, “Hey Hitler, don’t you think that’s a bit much?”

The truth was a bunch of old boomers were having a patriot rally called “We The People” at Independence Hall a quarter mile away. About a dozen patriot dads dressed up in costumes such as Ben Franklin were down there to wave American flags and celebrate the constitution as mobs of antifa screamed “Nazi Proud Boys go home!” at all 12 attendees including a black guy making a speech about unity and coming together. They attacked a Jewish man for being a Nazi Proud boy and are facing hate crimes for the assault.

Two Proud Boys actually did go but they went as “civilians” to check it out. They were immediately identified and attacked but the imagery was hilarious because you had a mob of white protestors screaming at an Asian Proud Boy and an Indian Proud Boy for being racist.

Later, protestors harassed the boomer patriots so much, taxis couldn’t get to them and the story became, “taxis refuse to pick up Nazis.” What a bizarre victory. So, they had an anti-Nazi rally at a rally that had nothing to do with Nazis (or Jews for that matter) and among the targets of this anti-racist mob we had a Jew, a black speaker, an Indian, and an Asian. Is it possible to be living in more of a Clown World?

By the end of the day, the majority saw it for what it was: Crazed alt-left lunatics screaming at boomer patriots for no reason. The far left didn’t see it that way. To them, it was a huge victory. Their “Pushback Against the Proud Boys” campaign worked! The guys (who were never having a rally there in the first place) didn’t come to their rally.

Despite this assumed victory, antifa got angrier AFTER the event. They doxxed the organizer, Zach Rehl which led to someone going to his address, writing “Nazi” on his house, and throwing a brick through his window that narrowly missed his girlfriend.

So much for we the people.






Written by The Elders