Our founder’s all over the news again. This time it’s because he sent everyone in his neighborhood who has a “hate has no home here” a letter. No offense McInnes but how naive can you get? Did you think this was going to foster a frank and honest discussion about coming together? Liberals decided long ago that Trump is Hitler and anyone who likes him is a Nazi. They have ZERO interest in working things out. Why does this man keep trying? It’s a totally hopeless cause.

Anyway, here it is…

Dear Neighbor,

            Today I passed by your house, and the homes of many of our other neighbors and was struck by the “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on your lawn. As an immigrant and the head of a multi-racial family that has made this special village our home recently, I wanted you to know just what your statement of principle and courage means to me – because I know more than a little bit about you’re responding to.

            I am a pro-gay, pro-Israel, virulently anti-racist libertarian of ethnically mixed, working-class heritage married to a Ho-Chunk Indian woman. Like most folks here, my wife is a proud Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. I’m a Trump guy. My kids go to school here, as yours presumably do or, if they have grown up, have in the past. The environment for rearing and educating children and for family life in general is one of the things that made us come here and love being part of this community. Hate certainly has no place here, and like you I am committed to keeping it that way!

I make my living as a businessman and humorist, and as a political and social commentator. Unfortunately, because of who and what I am, and how I express these things, my family and I have become the targets of exactly what we all agree does not belong here: Hate. They have been subjected to a campaign of personal destruction that would leave any husband and father at his wits’ end. If hate indeed has no home here, as, like you, I believe it does not, I implore you to give ear to my story and to let it into your heart as well.

You may have heard my name (if you have not, please disregard this letter). I am Gavin McInnes and there are rumors going around – hateful, false rumors – about me. Not only rumors, but things that have been written up on the Internet and in social media about me that are simply lies, or are vicious distortions of the truth. One man has seemingly made it his life’s work to put together horrible video mashups of me making outrageous-sounding comments, ripped from the conversations in which they were made – a process that can make anyone, and especially anyone in my line of work, sound awful.

You may have heard that I am the leader of a hate group called the Proud Boys. Everything about that rumor is false. The Proud Boys are a drinking club I started several years ago as a joke. There is no racial or ethnic component to its membership, its program or the idea behind it.

Now, if you are reading or hearing incendiary quotes from me that sound hateful, you are hearing raunchy jokes – and raunchy jokes are hardly a monopoly of the right or the left wing in politics – taken out of context, or words spoken by me while playing a character, or “misdirects.” For example, I once wrote an article called “Divorce your wife” which was about rebooting your marriage and re-courting your wife from scratch. It wasn’t literally about divorcing your wife. I have explained things such as this on various YouTube videos again and again. My wife remains very un-divorced from me, but understandably feels these signs are a passive aggressive attack. She takes them to mean, “The McInnes family does not belong here.” Is it hate, or the negation of hate, that our three young children should have to leave their school and their friends and their various sports teams because one family member publicly supports the President of the United States?

Haters are the squeaky wheel of political activism these days. They get the grease in the debate of ideas. People who disagree with my views – and I do sometimes express myself in a vivid way – have gone out of their way to make it almost impossible to even respond to their accusations in the same forums in which they are made. This much is true: I am a comedian and hyperbolic talk show host who founded Vice and made a lot of enemies in media. My autobiography is literally called How to Piss in Public. You won’t find in that book, or in any of my expressions of my worldview, anything that is hateful, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic or intolerant. To the contrary, I express the opposite regularly, and emphatically. That manner of expression is how I make a living, and is hardly unusual in entertainment today. I am happy to provide seemingly endless links explaining more but it is not a path for the incurious.

Hate has no home here, or anywhere in America. That’s why my family came here, and probably why yours did too. I am fighting to restore my reputation – you will, if this occupies your attention at all, hear more about that in the coming weeks. I know that fight is going to be a challenging one. There’s no reason for my own neighbors, however, to misunderstand what it’s about, much less to amplify the lies that are being told about me. If you are liberal then you are, by definition, tolerant, and if you truly eschew hate, you know that loving your neighbor – your actual neighbor – is where tolerance begins.

Hate has no home in the McInnes house. We’ve made this our home and made you our neighbors. We are a family just like yours. I am writing on behalf of my family to ask you to reconsider whether the message of your lawn sign moves our world and our village in the direction of love at all, or whether it sends a very different message instead.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this. You can text me at [phone # redacted] or email [redacted] and I will answer directly or you can email my wife [redacted]. We are happy to discuss anything at any time with anyone.

Thank you, again, for your consideration and goodwill. I remain, your neighbor,

Gavin McInnes

Guess what happened. They all came over for tea and crumpets and asked what the truth is? Nope. They ran to antifa members at the Daily Beast and HuffPo and gave them the letter. Andy Campbell writes pro-antifa stories for Huffington Post and managed to get his group in the headline. He refused to print the letter because it hurts his pro-antifa narrative, find best online casino bonuses here. Will Sommer is also in antifa. He too said the letter was all lies and even provided examples of Gavin’s evil Nazi-ness. He claims McInnes said, “I’m becoming an anti-Semite” and “trans people are gender ni**ers” and “women love being abused.” We contacted McInnes and asked him to explain not because we believe them but because it’s handy to have a link to send people when these come up.

Here is what he said.

“That’s alt-left propaganda and the irony is, it’s about a letter where I warn there are a lot of lies going around about what I’ve said. The anti-Semitic thing was when I was in Israel and I was talking about how annoying our guide was. It was obviously a joke. I did about a dozen videos there and they were all pro-Israel. That includes the satirically-titled, ’10 Things I Hate About the Jews’ which was all about Christians and Jews coming together and is essentially a love letter to that great nation.  

“The ‘gender n-words’ was during a funny interview with Martina Markota when she was searching for the correct term for trans people. This is when it seemed to be changing every week. I pretended I thought that was the latest term and she burst out laughing because that’s absurd. To portray that quote like it was some angry transphobe pounding a pulpit is either willful ignorance or malicious deceit. 

“Finally, the ‘women love being abused’ was in a discussion about CONSENSUAL rough sex. Women obviously don’t enjoy domestic abuse. Do the people who read these quotes actually believe them? I don’t think they do. They just put all their eggs in the “Nazis are everywhere” basket so they need to take quotes out of context and change their meaning to get the hate speech numbers up. I talked about this on my most recent podcast.”   

So, there you have it. The left isn’t looking for reconciliation. They’ve given up and decided everyone who doesn’t 100% agree with them needs to go. We’re not sure why McInnes keeps trying. They call Alan Dershowitz a Nazi and say Ben Shapiro’s talks facilitate synagogue shootings. They call us white nationalists and when they see black Proud Boys they spout off some shit about “Multiracial white supremacy.” You think someone like that understands logic? They don’t want to get to the truth and they don’t want justice. They just want to virtue signal or as Francis Buckley put it “vice signal.” Let’s focus on charity and fraternity and stop apologizing. It doesn’t work.

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Written by The Elders