Penthouse Australia booked a tour for our founder and the Australian Proud Boys were very much looking forward to it. Then, some SJWs glued a heavily-edited video to a petition and the next thing you know, he’s banned for having “bad character.” The government told the media before they told our founder’s lawyers.

The story went up on The Unshackled today…

“When the story broke on the ABC website at 5.41pm AEDT Penthouse had not heard such news themselves. The decision by the Home Affairs Department was emailed to the McInnes/Penthouse legal team at 5:23pm AEDT. Costas believes the ABC was tipped off in advance as he believes they could not turn around this story in such a narrow window ‘The ABC would have you believe that within the space of 18 minutes a journalist learned of the decision to deny McInnes a visa, wrote, edited, fact checked, submitted for approval and published a story online. I don’t think so. As a publisher, I can assure you that is the equivalent to walking on water’.”

In other words, the Australian government and the media are working hand-in-hand to bolster a left-wing narrative. This is something we’ve been saying for a long time: the media, antifa, the DNC, and now the court system are all in it together.

This isn’t just an Australian thing, either. In DC we had a Canadian Proud Boy come down for a pro-Israel rally. He was accosted by a Palestinian and they got into a fight. Later, members of the Jewish Defense League beat the man up. The media blamed the second attack on our Proud Boy and it became politicized. When he got home he was told he has to show up in court for a hate crime. What? Why didn’t the police arrest him there? He was shooting the shit with police afterwards and cracking jokes. The media ran with the story and used pictures of him from other rallies to make it look like he was arrested at the event (he goes to a lot of rallies). We got him lawyers and they said they had never seen the courts behave this way. There was delay after delay and almost without exception, the media had details of the case before the Proud Boy’s lawyers did. Even local media in the Canadian Proud Boy’s hometown were getting intel before the lawyers.

This has gone way beyond unfair journalism and an inefficient court system. This is persecution. Our crime? We made supporting Trump look fun.

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