Colin MoynihanThursday, Aug. 13, 2009 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Fire these clowns. This is Colin Moynihan and Ali Winston. Ali has been stalking us for some time and is determined to prove we’re Nazis. Why he devotes so much of his time to this obsession is beyond us. He likely hates that we’re pro dude and he has some masculinity issues to work out. Colin appears to be equally incompetent (why does it take two guys to write an article?)

In this article “Proud Boys Reeling After Arrests and Scrutiny” we’re told an organization with at least 5,000 members is in a state of total chaos. How you gauge this is anyone’s guess. What’s your metric to say we’re reeling? Do you read our DMs? All the conjecture that’s fit to print is the new motto of the New York Times. But it gets worse.

“At the same time, previously unreleased video, obtained by The New York Times, shows that the Proud Boys initiated the attack in Manhattan against a handful of anti-fascist protesters, not the other way around, as Mr. McInnes had initially said.”

Are they talking about this video? That shows Proud Boys facing a line of antifa (stop calling them “protestors”) who had circled the block and were waiting for them. How does that show we started it, you fucking tools!? We saw a violent terrorist gang standing in front of us. They had been threatening us for days. They threw a bottle of piss at us. How are we starting a fight?

The craziest part is, the NYC9 are THRILLED that the court now has several gigs of footage from that night. Multiple angles show antifa picking a fight and getting their asses kicked. This will all come out in their trials. The NYPD already explained in their press conference that antifa circled the block and ambushed Proud Boys. It’s right here at 3:18.

“Six individuals [antifa] circled the block, and came – 82nd St. and Lex – to Park to try to intercept the group [Proud Boys] that was being escorted south on Park Avenue.”


There are numerous other errors in the “paper of record.”

“Just before he charged, another video filmed by a freelance videographer recorded that someone yelled: “Proud Boys! You ready? Proud Boys!””

This is proof they started the fight? They saw antifa assemble and stop in front of them and Proud Boys (allegedly) said “You ready?” What the fuck is the mater with that? Why are these men literally on trial for defending themselves? Can you imagine if Proud Boys were gay and they had been treated like this? Can you imagine this kind of “scrutiny” if the Gay Boys had an event and were terrorized for days and then ambushed? Ali Winston, you are obsessed with finding Nazis where Nazis don’t exist. Maybe try giving Islam this kind of compulsive analysis.

“A third video filmed by a man who was with the Proud Boys showed Mr. Hare and others after the fight exulting about “smashing” the head of a “foreigner.””

Oy vey. He didn’t say “foreigner.” OBVIOUSLY. He said, “there was fucking FOUR OF THEM” because there was. Why in the Sam Hell would you call antifa “foreigners”? They are all rich white kids. We demasked them. They were the least foreign people in all of Manhattan. They were probably born a few blocks away (like Colin Moynihan was hence his support of the alt-left).

This is yet another shitshow story by ethnomasochists who would rather pound the pavement hunting fake Nazis than acknowledge any other real problem NYC faces like, oh I don’t know, opioids, or gang violence, or jihadist attacks. We must be in a period of good times because we are really creating some weak men.




Written by The Elders

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