The Elders Have Spoken, Go And Join A Boxing Gym.

Right Wing Fight Clubs?

In an unprecedented turn of events, the elders have made the decision that Proud Boys must join boxing gyms. Our leader, Gavin McInnes, just made the decree an hour ago, and Proud Boys are already formulating plans to get active with their groups.

The Colorado Proud Boy group is in the planning stages of a “Right Wing Fight Club” that would unite Proud Boys across the state under the goal of training and getting fit together. Their discussed plan is to have every Proud Boy get a membership at a gym that has gyms statewide, and to have either weekly or bi-weekly training sessions with a trainer. The reason for a gym that has state-wide locations is to allow the location to be alternated so one group of Proud Boys is not forced to travel too far every single time.

Right Wing Fight Clubs are a great way to bring Proud Boys closer together under the goal of improving themselves.



Written by Based In Colorado

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