Cuck of the Week: Justin Trudeau

Do I even need to explain why?

Did you think Cuck of the Week could come back without covering the king of the cucks? We wouldn’t let you down like that. Giving Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, Cuck of the Week is kind of cheating though, he could be Cuck of the Week every single week. But following the impending passage of bill C-16 in Canada, we felt it was the perfect time.

If I were to go over every reason that Justin Trudeau is a cuck, this article would be at least 20 pages long, so I won’t do that. Instead, I will go into bill C-16, which would amend the Canadian human rights code to include “gender expression or identity” as protected grounds. What this means is that if you misgender someone who wants you to refer to them as “zhe,” you could get thrown before a gestapo-style human rights commission where you could be fined heavily, and if you refuse to pay the fine, jailed. Here’s Dr. Jordan Peterson giving a better explanation than I can about why this is wrong:

The legislation, pushed by the Liberal Party of Canada, which is led by Trudeau, is not fully in law yet, but is expected to pass very soon.

The only good thing about this legislation is that Lauren Southern (negative 20 beers) can now sue anyone who dares tell her otherwise when she tells them she’s an attack helicopter. Now be free Lauren, or as you can soon go as, Apache.

And Lauren, if you’re reading this, please feel free to call me, I don’t care if you’re legally a man, I will gay marry the shit out of you.


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