So here’s the truth: a bunch of Catholic high school kids from Northern Kentucky attend a pro-life march in Washington, DC. After it’s over, they’re told to wait by the Lincoln Memorial for the bus. Out of nowhere, two old Indian activists come at them and start singing and banging drums in their face. The kids laugh and sing along. The activists get more aggressive and say, “White people go back to Europe. This is not your land.” The kids realize what’s happening and freeze. The end.

Here’s the media’s angle: Because we are a racist country with no respect for anyone, we have allowed our children (especially our white male Christian children) to trample all over the oppressed and laugh in their face. For example, in DC recently a poor old war vet was trying to quietly have an indigenous ceremony and these racist asshole teens barged into it laughing and mocking this poor man. It really hurt him. Look, here he is crying.

See? This is proof we have trained our children to be racist dickheads. They’re all like that gang-raping frat in Virginia.

Ok, back to the truth. No, we don’t teach our boys such things. Not even our white male Catholic boys. In fact, we teach them the opposite. We teach them this is stolen land. On the left, they are drenched in shame and wish they could just give back the whole continent. However, even on the right, the sentiment is reverent and apologetic. As Buchanan wrote in Death of the West, “Our treatment of the Indians is not what one would have expected of people to whom the Sermon on the Mount was divine command.” We respect Indians. We name our cars after them. We name our military weapons after them. And no, the Redskins is not to mock them. It’s because we think they’re cool.

This stitch up is essentially the same thing that happened to the Halifax 5. Activists are having an anti-Canada Day rally on Canada Day. There are “Fuck Canada” stickers all over a statue of Halifax’s founder and an upside down Canadian flag that say DECOLONIZE. Some Proud Boys walk over and very politely ask what this is about and they’re lambasted with obscenities. They keep their cool even when a recent immigrant tells a Proud Boy his Canadian flag is a symbol of genocide and he needs to put it down ON CANADA DAY!

The media’s takeway from all this is: “Proud Boys disrupt an indigenous ceremony” and they all lose their jobs. Some of those guys were third generation military. One was an Indian. One was gay. The Rebel raised money for a lawyer but NOT ONE in all of Halifax would take the case lest they get accused of disrespecting First Nations. Can you believe this shit? The craziest part was it was all on video.

Once Again, the real question is WHY does the media want our children to be a roving gang of rapist assholes who mock Indians? Why did Rolling Stone‘s Sabrina Erdely start frothing at the mouth when she heard rumors of a gang-raping frat in Virginia? Why do they run to publish rumors the second they hear some jock may have mumbled the n-word? The reason is simple. Modern leftist culture is Marxist culture and that is based on maximum control over others. They need us all to be racist assholes so they can justify more laws and regulations and programs and tax dollars. It’s about big government. If we’re all basically decent people, we don’t need them. This is why the government and the left is so petrified of the Proud Boys. We refuse to accept your bullshit definition of who we are and – not only do we want to be left the fuck alone – we want you to leave everyone else the fuck alone.

Proud of your boys, Covington Catholic High!

UPDATE: So, the truth is getting out there. New video shows the Black Israelites started hurling obscenities at the boys and calling them faggots etc. The Indian dude joined the harassment by banging a drum in this kid’s face. Since getting caught, the Indian guy is now saying he went in to defuse the situation and separate the two groups. What happened to the boys disrupting the ceremony? Did we forget that narrative? The kid’s mom pointed this out and the left is now doubling down by attacking her. Check the reactions to Chelsea’s Tweet.

UPDATE: The Indian, Nathan Phillips, is lying about being a Vietnam Vet. The last combat troops left in 1972. Nathan would have been 17.

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Written by The Elders