Buckey Wolfe Was Never A Proud Boy

News broke yesterday that an individual named Buckey Wolfe committed a heinous crime against his family member. Buckey Wolfe, 26, allegedly told 911 dispatchers on Sunday night that he had killed his brother James at their parents’ home in Fremont, Washington. Authorities have set his bail at $1 million due to concern for public safety. According to prosecutors he told deputies that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Police say he stabbed his brother in the head with a three-foot sword because hallucinations made him believe the victim was turning into a lizard.

Now if we look through his Facebook profile. You can see that he had apparently been suffering from some pretty heavy hallucinations. Talks of Lizard people and constant religious posts are common. But the most notable ones are captured here.


These are the ramblings of a mentally ill individual incapable of embodying the core values of what it means to be a proud boy.

And of course, what would a despicable act be without WANaziWatch (Antifa Twitter Account) claiming that this deranged individual was a Proud Boy.

What many people don’t understand is that Proud Boys as an organization has fans and supporters. Sometimes we come across them in public or at events.

Most of these individuals are regular everyday people who simply support our message.

But there are occasionally individuals who come in contact with our group who either do not fit with our core values, or who have a few screws loose. Buckey clearly fits in the latter category.

Despite this being clear, the left nowadays seems to have a “guilt by association” policy.

If you are seen in public with any unsavory individuals, even without having the slightest clue who they are, the media-fueled hate mob will brand you as an associate of theirs.

That is unless you are on the left, as proven by former President Barack Obama palling around, and being pictured with virulent anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.

Buckey Wolfe had hopes of becoming a proud boy. But he never made it past our strict vetting protocols.

We not only run criminal background checks on prospective members. But we also meet with that individual several times before we will allow them to become an actual 1st Degree.

Idiots like Antifa believe that you can just post a declaration of intent online and that automatically makes you a member. IT DOESN’T.

A real first degree is done. In person. Surrounded by your brothers. Not in a Facebook post.

These are disqualifying factors when vetting a prospective member:

  1. Serious Criminal History (Assaults, Vandalism, Battery, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Rape, Sexual Assault/Rape of a Minor, Etc.)
  2. Mental Instability; Assessing the mental stability through multiple interactions/meet ups whether or not that individual is capable of being a brother.
  3. White Nationalism / Racism; We have brothers of all races and sexual orientations. This mindset is antithetical to everything we believe in.

Buckey had been to some of the same rallies and events that Proud Boys were at, but after learning of his paranoia and mental instability the Seattle chapter steered clear of him.

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Written by The Elders