U.S. National Soccer team eliminated from 2018 FIFA World Cup

Do we even care?

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For the first time since 1986 the United States national soccer team has been eliminated from World Cup, probably the biggest single sport tournament in the galaxy. Their loss wasn’t epic or grand in any way as they were ousted by Trinidad & Tobago, a tiny island nation in the Caribbean. Back then in 1986 it would’ve been easier to accept, but in 2017 you’d think the United States and its pride in soccer would’ve grown stronger by now.

Hand of God 1986

As a proud American I should be upset. In my heart I stand by all national sports teams but in the unique case of soccer I don’t. Just as Fox has its duty to cover the World Cup regardless of the U.S. qualifying. I still am going to watch the World Cup with the same joy whether or not the U.S. qualified.

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It’s the only part of me that isn’t too patriotic. When it comes to soccer I hold a “light” grudge against the United States, my birth nation and my home. As a kid I played a lot of soccer, I started at the age of 5 and played on a travel team until my teens where my love for Hockey overpowered it. Growing up in the 90’s and playing soccer wasn’t in style at all. Looking back to 1986 they painted the picture of some chipper soccer loving country but the truth is if you enjoyed soccer in the 90’s, it was equivalent to being culturally diverse today. You’d be described as ethnic and that was as close to a compliment as you would get. This was something cultural that someone brought back with them from their country of origin. It wasn’t a pastime like baseball. I was called a fag by everybody but the Mexicans because I played soccer, that being U.S. soccer and me never mixed well. Living in the time of Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky didn’t help either. Stars of that capacity didn’t leave room for anyone to fall in love with soccer.

I wish the U.S. soccer team no ill will. I usually do root for them, especially because they don’t come in close contact with any european soccer teams. Like the national team of Greece. A team unlikely to ever dominate any tournament on a world platform, a team that hasn’t even qualified for the 2018 World Cup yet, a team holding onto the hopes of beating either Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark or fucking Italy to even get into the World Cup let alone make a real impact. Their only claim to fame came in 2004. They are real underdogs and to root for them makes you either stupid or Greek, I am both.

Greece’s forward Angelos Charisteas (R) heads the ball in to score against Portugal, 04 July 2004 at the Luz stadium in Lisbon, during the Euro 2004 final match between Portugal and Greece. AFP PHOTO Franck FIFE

Of course anyone reading this would assume that this isn’t even worth talking about. Who gives a shit about sports let alone a fag sport like soccer? If the National Football League doesn’t care about American pride then how could we rely on that same pride to bring us glory in the sport of soccer?

The United States could pretty much dominate any field including sports when and if they want to. It comes down to a matter of actually caring. Do you believe after everything is said and done, that with our hundreds of millions of citizens that we can’t come up with a competitive group of 20 Americans to play soccer? Of course we could you silly bitch.

Alexi Lalas, US National Team 91′-98′

Soccer isn’t part of our culture. It’s like a cheese that doesn’t melt, it’ll never blend in well. It is almost like soccer never assimilated in the United States. With the accomplishments we have achieved since 1776 I find it very hard to believe that we can’t be a top ten ranked team in the world. We aren’t really a shitty soccer team, I think we just don’t care.

When the United States falls in love with soccer like the rest of the world then and only then will we begin to dominate the sport. Only then will we be looked at the same way the soccer world looks at Brazil. A force to be reckoned with. Spread the love and stop hating the sport because you can’t play it. We all need to start loving soccer the way we love our own sports. United we stand yo!



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