Proud Boys Weekly Workout #9

Thanksgiving is here. And accordingly we must prepare our bodies to inhale an estimated average of 4,500 calories in a single day! Most gain 1-2 pounds during this holiday. Don’t let your fitness and health goals go to hell. Preparation is key, gentlemen. And by doing this kettlebell workout you will boost your metabolic rate (so your body is burning fat throughout the day) and hopefully help you avoid having to undue that top button when all the festivities are said and done.

Not only that, getting this workout done before seeing your family will help control your cortisol. So maybe you won’t snap at your crazy aunt who owns 12 cats and hates all men.

This one will be tough. Lots of reps and high intensity to increase your metabolic rate, as well as place your body in an anabolic state in which nutrients consumed are put to more effective use. 

We will do 3 rounds of this workout. First round: 15 reps. Second round: 12 reps. The third and final round: 10 reps. Try to do the entire round without setting the kettlebell (or dumbbell) down. Also, push yourself to finish this in less than 30 minutes, which should be doable for most. Time yourself and don’t rest too long between sets, if at all. Make sure you get a proper warm-up done before beginning. Doing some form of jumps, like box or broad jumps, will fire up your CNS and help you optimize this workout.

Variations to try:

Kettlebell swing

Goblet squat

KB High pull

KB Press (both sides)

KB alternating lunges

Kettlebell snatch (both sides)

The day after Thanksgiving, try to do some steady state cardio. Your body will be hurting, so regulating it by rowing 1,000 meters or going for an early morning jog will help reset it, as well as keep you active and burn calories while you recover.  

Have a great Thanksgiving—celebrate the founding of the western world! UHURU!   

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Cam Judy

Written by Cam Judy

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