Proud Boys Weekly Workout #3

Recently I wrote The Proud Boys Guide to Throwing a Punch—for this week’s workout we’re going to put it into practice. Hopefully you all have access to a punching bag, or, like Rocky, you can go down to your local butcher shop and use a beef carcass. If you do not have access to either, shadowbox. Both of these options will give you a great workout, and using a heavy bag is a great way to build everyday strength.  

We are going to do five rounds, each round will build off the previous one. Set a timer for three-minutes per round, with a one-minute break following each. I recommend downloading an interval timer, it will make this much easier. During that one-minute break, you will not just stand around. We will keep the muscles under tension, and your heart rate elevated with a static hold, alternating between a squat hold and a plank.

Round one: Jab/cross.

These are the basics of boxing. You should stagger your feet slightly, with your less dominant side forward. For righties, your left foot will be leading, and that will be your jab side. Southpaw is the opposite. Keep your elbows tight to your ribs and both hands up protecting your face. Turn your shoulders as you extend the jab, then pivot your entire body through the cross.

One minute rest: Squat hold.

Round two: Jab/cross/cross

Adding just one punch to this combination is going to change how you approach it. Now after the first cross, you have to pivot back to your guard quickly so you can extend the second cross through with power. The first cross will be for speed, the second will be power. Always reset between punches!

One minute rest: Plank.

Round three: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook

Midway point of the workout, this time through adding in the left hook. Bring the hooks into the body, taking the power out of the cross and using it for the hook instead. Turn your hips through to propel the hook, not stopping until your hips are lined up with the bag. The Jab/Cross/Cross should be rotated through quickly to set up the powerful left hook.

One minute rest: Squat hold

Round four: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook/Left Uppercut

Again, this round we double up, this time on the left side. When doubling up on punches, I can’t reiterate enough, you have to reset back to the guard before throwing the following strike. The left hook and left uppercut this round are your power punches, give them everything you have. Last note, since most bags do not have a chin, take your uppercut right into the gut so you can really put something behind it, rather than swinging up through the air.

One minute rest: Plank

Final round: Jab/Cross/Cross/Left Hook, Left Uppercut/Right Hook

This is it, the final round. Run through this combination as fast, and as many times as you can in these final three minutes. The first three punches are for speed, the last three for power. Keep your shoulders loose and your punches tight, using your core and hips to propel the strikes, recruiting as many muscles as possible.

For all of these strikes, squeeze your core like you are bracing for someone to hit you in the gut. That, plus keeping your elbows tucked into your sides will keep your abs activated and give you a powerful, functional core.

For those who do not have access to a bag, shadowbox these combos for speed, constantly moving to keep your heart rate up. Stay light on your feet, still turning through the punches to work that core.

Staying in good shape is critical for us as Proud Boys. We can’t stick to our tenets if we’re lazy slobs. These weekly workouts are great as stand-alone training, or as finishers after your normal gym routine. Keep pushing to be better than you were the day before.


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Cam Judy

Written by Cam Judy

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