I am worried PBs are being led to believe we endorse senseless violence. I thought it would go without saying but we’re getting into dangerous situations these days and I’m getting concerned. Riding through Islamberg, for example, is incredibly risky. I’d hate for a brother to think he was doing the right thing by doing something foolish for some vain attempt at glory. I’m also seeing PBS go to rallies when they are severely outnumbered. If this can be avoided, it should.

The 4th degree is for someone who has “endured a major conflict related to the cause.” In the past, I’ve joked about “kicking the crap out of Antifa” This doesn’t mean you go to someone’s house or even pick a fight with one at a rally. If you do such a thing, that’s 100% on you and has nothing to do with the group’s tenets. It’s about defending yourself. We don’t start fights; we finish them. 4th degree is a consolation prize for being thrust into a shitty situation and surviving.

Here are some good examples…

Some lunatic whipped empty glasses at a Proud Boys’ Girl on election night because she had a MAGA hat on. Shawn and Michael got in between them and pushed the perp away. They were arrested (along with the glass thrower) and spent the night in the tombs. When Trump was announced president, these two guys were behind bars (it’s quite possible this night is when the 4th degree was invented). Nobody picked a fight. Two men went to a woman’s aid and protected her. They then suffered.

At one of the Berkeley events, Levi stood on the BAMN side next to some big banner that had some dumb slogans on it and recorded a video. He joked that he had crossed over to the dark side and disavowed the Proud Boys. As he said this, Yvette Felarca clawed at him. He didn’t touch her and continued riffing. Almost immediately, riot cops grabbed him and threw him to the ground where he was summarily arrested. He didn’t pick a fight. He made a joke and then suffered.

After four hours on the dance floor after a Milo party, Jovi’s MAGA hat fell off and some lady jumped on it and began grinding it into the floor. He had to move her out of the way to pick it up and when he got back up, her boyfriend bottled Jovi in the face and cut it open. He was also bottled in the back of the head. He fought back and won but he got his nose broken in the process. The assailants are being charged with felony assault. Jovi was just minding his own business and he suffered for it.

These are not brothers going out and looking for a fight. These are brothers defending themselves after getting fucked with. We don’t want anyone to die and we ARE AGAINST VIOLENCE. Based Stick Man has a slightly more aggressive stance on this but is also against needless violence. The Alt Knights are warriors and so is he. We are willing to brawl if need be but it’s not really our top priority. We are a bunch of dumb drinking buddies, like Animal House. This is what there is an Alt Knight / Proud Boy distinction.

The media calls us violent because we dare to hit back after being attacked. The 4th degree is not about offence. It’s about defence. Please be careful out there, brothers, this is supposed to be fun.

This clarification officially overrides any previous quotes. Please show it to anyone curious about the 4th degree.


Gavin McInnes, Founder

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