25 Times Andrew Cuomo Lied Talking About The Proud Boys

This one’s a doozy

Friday was Antifa’s big day in New York City.

Gavin McInnes (Peace be upon him), hosted an event in the Upper East Side of the city in honor of Otoya Yamaguchi, a brave Japanese Samurai who saved Japan from communism with the assassination of Inejiro Asanuma, who led the Japanese Socialist Party.

Asanuma was an America-hating communist who palled up with Mao Zedong, one of the few people in history evil enough to kill more people than Hitler.

So needless to say, unless you’re an America-hating communist, Gavin’s event shouldn’t have been controversial. So predictably, antifa went ape-shit over it.

Early Friday morning they vandalized the Republican Club hosting his speech, stating that they “are not civil,” and that their attack is “merely the beginning.”

They followed through on that declaration, protesting the event, and assaulting attendees. Gavin had a bottle of piss thrown on him, and three antifa protesters were arrested for assault and robbery.

Another entirely separate altercation broke out nearby, when three antifa protesters attacked, and tried to steal MAGA hats from what they thought was a small group of Proud Boys.

Unknown to them, there was a larger group nearby, who swarmed onto the scene and taught them a lesson. In essence, they fucked around, and then they found out.

It is that scene that the left is latching onto.

With no context, they are declaring it a mob assault, and hate crime.

At least that was the theme of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference earlier today where he attacked the Proud Boys as a hate group, and lied continuously.

I listened to the entire thing so you don’t have to. But if you want to subject yourself to the mental diarrhea coming out of Cuomo’s mouth, you can listen to it by clicking this link.

Below is a list of every lie I could find that came out of Cuomo’s mouth. I’m going to try to only list things that are verifiable lies, instead of debunking his wrong opinions.

  1. “(The Metropolitan Republican Club) invited a group called the Proud Boys to speak at the Metropolitan Republican Club.”

Gavin McInnes was asked to speak, not the Proud Boys. As the founder of the Proud Boys, he did have members attend, but it was not a Proud Boys event.


  1. “The Proud Boys are anti-women.”

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. The Proud Boys are in no way anti-women. Some left-wing groups spin our “pro-housewife” belief as being anti-women, as they despise traditional family roles. If anything, believing that there’s anything wrong with venerating housewives is an anti-women position.


  1. “They’re anti-immigrant.”

We’re anti-illegal immigrant. Our founder is an immigrant you fucking idiot.


  1. “They’re anti-muslim.”

We’re anti-radical Islam. Anybody who claims to be pro-women or pro-gay should be too.


  1. “Their agenda is to stop anti-white guilt.”

No, our agenda is to be a men’s drinking club. We are “Anti-Racial Guilt,” as our tenets lay out, but having that in your list of beliefs is far from it being our agenda. We are also anti-racism; why not mention that is our agenda?


  1. “They are anti-equality because they believe equality is negative for white people.”

He’s literally just making shit up at this point.


  1. “They were a major participant in the Charlottesville rally.”

We disavowed that rally before it ever happened, and followed up on how stupid it was on multiple occasions.


  1. “They have had incidents of violence all across the country, in Charlottesville.”

Again, we had nothing to do with that shit show.


  1. “Violence is a part of their agenda.”

Our agenda is to go out and drink beer, and foster brotherhood. The only time violence breaks out is when violent leftists initiate it.


  1. “The founder was filmed punching a counter-protester outside of the Deploraball in January 2017 outside of New York University.”

Deploraball occurred in Washington, D.C. But yes, Gavin did punch a violent antifa protester. And he wasn’t a “counter-protester,” considering they were protesting a ball, not a protest. It’s also interesting how Cuomo conveniently leaves out the fact that those protesters were engaging in extreme violence, and even burned a limo in protest.


  1. “To rise up in their organization, a member needs to get involved in a major fight for the cause.”

Our 4th degree is not a membership requirement, and is not something you can pursue. It is a distinction handed to those who engage in justified self-defense at an event. The rank was only added after antifa began attacking us on a regular basis.


  1. “So who the Proud Boys are, and their hateful agenda and their promotion of violence is well established.”

I could consider this two separate lies, but i’ll made it into one. I’ve already laid out why we aren’t hateful, and why we aren’t violent. We are only interested in being a men’s drinking fraternity, and violence comes to us from hateful leftists.


  1. “There are reports of inflammatory hate speech, which are suggesting homophobic behavior on the part of the Proud Boys.”

He’s referencing somebody saying “faggot” during the brief scuffle in which antifa lost. Trying to claim that is hate speech is ridiculous considering the fight wasn’t over anybody’s sexual orientation, but rather over antifa trying to attack what they thought was a small group of Proud Boys. Trying to make it seem as though Proud Boys are homophobic is ridiculous considering there are a large number of gay Proud Boys.


  1. “In New York State we respect the First Amendment, we cherish it.”

No you don’t.


  1. “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Yes it is. Here is the Washington Post saying as much.


  1. “Hate speech is speech that incites violence.”

Not under U.S. law.


  1. “(The Proud Boys) are known to be a hate group, they are known to promote violence, last time they were in New York there was violence.”

Any rational person knows we aren’t a hate group. Just because the Southern Poverty Law Center, a highly discredited organization with ties to antifa, says we are doesn’t make it true. Also, Proud Boys didn’t come to New York, we’re already there! It is where the group was founded, and where they regularly meet up. Their regular meetups are not violent.


  1. “The Republican Party in New York City, (President Trump’s) home state, invites the Proud Boys in Manhattan.”

They invited Gavin McInnes, and Proud Boys who almost all already live in New York City, attended.


  1. “We will not tolerate hate speech, it is illegal.”

No it isn’t. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment. So even if somebody was chanting hateful things, which we wouldn’t do, it wouldn’t be illegal.


  1. “I’m sure they (the FBI) know these so-called ‘Proud Boys,’ who have a long history of violence and illegal activity.”

As mentioned multiple times above, we don’t.


  1. “There were reports that the Proud Boys were beating the counter-protesters.”

They weren’t “counter-protesters,” as they were the ones protesting the event, not countering a protest. There are also reports that antifa was beating people at the event, showing that they weren’t simply protesters, but violent agitators.


  1. “Hate speech is illegal, it is not protected speech.”

It’s getting redundant. But he said this yet again.


  1. “To move up in the organization, you have to get involved in a major fight for the cause.”

Again, our 4th degree is not a requirement, and isn’t something anybody has to do, or should do. It is a consolation prize for those who are forced into physical confrontations because of their involvement in the group.


  1. “Is the New York Republican Party saying we are the Proud Boys? We are Western Chauvinists, we are anti-equality, we are anti-gay, we’re anti-women, we’re anti-Muslim?”

He’s questioning the New York Metropolitan Club’s decision to allow Gavin to speak. In doing so, he questions if the New York Republican Party is a part of the Proud Boys, which is ridiculous to claim simply because they invited the group’s founder to speak. In that statement he also claims we’re anti-equality, anti-gay, anti-women, and anti-Muslim, which simply isn’t true.


  1. “The New York Republican Party invites a group known for violence, and known for hate speech.”

Again, untrue on both accounts. And again, they invited Gavin, not the Proud Boys.


I’m sure there was more. But this is as exhaustive as I can do right now. I’m gonna go get a beer… or ten… to try to get Andrew Cuomo’s voice out of my memory. To help supply the growing alcohol needs for the Proud Boy Magazine team, go and buy a shirt or something at Proud of Your Store.


Written by Luke


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