I no longer call it “fake news.” It’s “mentally ill news.” To willfully ignore what someone makes clear, and insist they believe something completely different goes way beyond naïve. It’s twisted. The media is obsessed with our club and is determined to push lies about us. They act like a crazy ex-girlfriend screaming, “I know you’re with Barbara now. You both love that sports bullshit!” We’d ignore her but she’s obsessed. She comes to our work and gets us fired. She throws bricks through our window and even comes into our home. This is not just an analogy. It has literally happened many times. She’s never going to stop. But on the off chance there is even one slightly sane journalist out there, here are some common misconceptions about the Proud Boys.

1- They’re not racist but their ideology is a gateway to Nazism.

This is a common trope pushed by the likes of the SPLC and NPR. They find a tiny handful of white nationalists who used to be PBs and insist we got them there. You could say the same thing about country music, the army, or even patriotism. We have thousands of members worldwide. There are plenty of patterns forming. PBs tend to get married, have more kids, start businesses. This has happened hundreds of times and it’s because of our beliefs. Two or three ex-PBs do not a pattern make.

NOTE: I find it interesting that all of a sudden, the left cares about patterns. When it comes to Islam there is zero scrutiny and no discernable patterns. If they were this diligent with Muslims, there’d be no need for the FBI.

2- Gavin admits they have a Nazi problem. That’s why they have to keep saying they’re not Alt-Right and weeding out the Nazis.

If being moral and diligent is a “problem” then yes, we have a problem. Weeding the garden is something all good men do. William F. Buckley did it at National Review and it’s been going on within the right since the 1950s. The left has the same problem with radicals but they choose to ignore it because they are an amoral movement. You can be a black racist with BLM or a pro-Sharia feminist at the women’s march. They don’t care.

3- PBs were in Charlottesville and the organizer was a PB.

False. There were maybe two or three ex-PBs there. They had been booted long before. I disavowed that march back in June but the media is determined to pin it on us. I’m not sure why. Why is so much of the media obsessed with Charlottesville and why are they so determined to pin it on right-wingers who weren’t there? Likely because it fits the fake news narrative of white nationalist terrorists hiding behind every corner. We got your terrorists, media. But they’re not the terrorists you’re looking for.

The rally was organized by Jason Kessler. He tried to infiltrate us twice by pretending to be Alt-Lite. He told me personally he was not Alt-Right and I gave him shit for it on my show. Both times Kessler tried to become a member he was sussed out and booted. When we are part of an event we are all over the flyer. We show up in our black and yellows and I do a talk. We were part of the anti-Sharia march in NYC and we proudly surrounded Lauren Southern at the free speech rallies in Berkeley.

4- They can’t say they’re not Alt-Right because their “military division” is Alt-Right.

This rumor is based on the “Alt-Knights.” It rhymes with Alt-Right so it must be Alt-Right, right? Based Stickman founded this group and has made his political affiliations very clear over the years. He is not Alt-Right.

It’s also worth noting that the Alt-Right has changed. They were much more moderate even a year ago when there wasn’t really an Alt-Lite movement. Today’s Alt-Right hate us. They hate anything Alt-Lite or New Right because they see us as race mixers and sellouts looking for “shekels” from the Jews. The Alt-Knights were a reaction to violence from the Alt-Left and eschew anything white nationalist.

5- Their Fourth Degree involves beating up an antifa.

We are not a violent group. We don’t start fights. However, once they start, we are happy to finish them. The police are regularly ordered to stand down at events and we are left to fight our way out. At my NYU  talk, we were locked out of the building and surrounded by a mob. We fought back. Two PBs were arrested and eight antifa (worth noting that our guys were not white while 100% of their guys were). After all these conflicts and arrests we created a consolation prize. If you’ve been through this, you get a fourth degree as a, “Sorry you had to go through that” from the group.

6- They hunted looters in Texas.

This one really gets my goat. We brought a boat down to a major disaster and rescued people while handing out supplies. Yes we were armed. Ever heard of Katrina? Disasters are a disaster that’s no longer waiting to happen. They’re very dangerous places. The fact that lazy assholes sat on their couch and criticized these men makes me furious.

7- Gavin’s anti-Semitic and said horrible things about Jews.

Again, where were you when you said this? I’m guessing you were sitting on your ass. I was in Israel. Going to Gaza and the West Bank. I was in Sderot talking with the mayor about the relentless bombings and debunking the Nazi myth that the body count proves it’s safe there. On my comedy show on the Anthony Cumia Network I brought up the arguments Nazis make. I made this explicitly clear and even said, “Don’t take this out of context!” When I said, “I’m becoming anti-Semitic” it was clearly a joke. I was talking about the exhaustion of a ten-day tour there with interviews from sunrise to sundown and how liberal they are. Many refuse to embrace Trump and even criticize their own wall. I am fiercely pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and I’ve made that clear time and time again. The media willfully ignores that so they can pluck a few words out of context and crowbar them into their narrative.

The fact that they keep bringing up my “10 Things I Hate About the Jews” video without even watching it shows how determined they are to feed on a morsel of controversy. They know The Rebel’s Ezra Levant would never release a video that said that unironically. Anyone with half a brain does. These Bigfoot chasers are lobotomizing themselves to make a fairy tale seem real. It isn’t just fake. It’s mentally ill.

8- They’re closeted gays.

So? Why is the left suddenly using gay as an insult? They put a rainbow flag on our logo like it’s going to trigger us but we liked it so much we literally bought the t-shirt! We couldn’t care less who is gay and that includes us.

9- Gavin said, “Gender niggers.”

Again, this was clearly A JOKE. I was told I couldn’t use the word “tranny” anymore and pretended I was replacing it with something I thought would be better. This is an interesting example because in the left’s quest to wipe out anything offensive, they are attacking things that parody racism. That’s the problem with socialists. They end up wiping out all language, even their own. For example, when you say something is “gay” you obviously don’t mean you hate it because it’s homosexual. You are clearly making fun of the way you used the word when you were ten.

10- They proudly admit to being male chauvinists.

No. The PBs are chauvinists who happen to be male. We used this word on purpose and it worked. Chauvinist means, “a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.” We knew journalists would just assume it’s permanently linked to the word male and not bother looking it up because they are lazy and incompetent. We were right.

11- Gavin tells them when to masturbate.

What a twisted way to attack someone who quit porn. Through a fun competition with Dante Nero and I (a competition so common, it’s a Seinfeld episode) we discovered porn and masturbating was making our lives worse. We came up with a new rule: you can only ejaculate within one yard of a female, with her consent (obviously doesn’t apply to gay PBs). We call it #NoWanks. It’s downright bizarre that people object. They are defending sitting alone at a computer and jerking off to another couple having sex. That’s sad. “Wanker” is an insult for a reason.

12- They only allow black guys if said black guys promise not to whine about racism.

Bullshit. I said I couldn’t imagine a black PB coming to meet-ups and complaining about the “white man” because I couldn’t and I can’t. It’s not a requirement. It’s an observation. We are way more diverse than antifa and most of the newsrooms calling us racist. The left hates that we have black members because they see visible minorities as pets for their cause. They act like we stole their dog and work hard to get him to come back home. Black conservatives get shit from everyone including their own family. Thanksgiving is a constant battle for them (if they even get invited). When they finally make it to our family, we make certain they are not attacked again.

However, we never talk about race at meet-ups. We talk about… actually it’s none of your business what we talk about. Leave us alone. Why the fuck do you care so much about a men’s club that you’re not a member of? That’s weird.

Anyway, rather than chase our tail and run around in circles screaming, “I’m not racist I’m not racist” like Saul Alinksy told us to, let this document serve as a handy FAQ to give to journalists and academics out to frame us.

The real question these pundits need to be asking is, “Why would we lie?” Their obsession with proving an untruth says a lot more about them than it says about us.

Peace be upon me,

Gavin McInnes

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Gavin McInnes

Written by Gavin McInnes