Tides Are Turning

On June 24, the Southern California Proud Boys descended upon a town hall meeting in the city of Gardena held by Maxine Waters and her people. I put out the call far and wide, and L.A.P.B. received support from San Diego, the Inland Empire, Orange County, and the Antelope Valley chapters.

Nearly 50 of us showed up ready to provide the defensive presence that has been lacking at previous town hall meetings. We walked from our staging area to the community center carrying American flags, geared up and ready to get down. None of us expected to actually get inside to ask Ms. Waters any questions—the event was closed to anyone not residing in the district (except of course, for Mad Maxine herself).  At least a half-dozen of us were in the black-and-gold, others in Proud Boys T-shirts. Many wore plate carriers, helmets, and patriotic symbols.

The opposition to our cause was certainly caught off guard when we arrived.

There is a dedicated community of pro-Trump patriots that have been doing this for a lot longer than I have. The reaction we received from them made for a surreal moment, symbolic of the tides currently shifting in this country. The cheers and applause were jubilant. The positive energy: overflowing.

Our common purpose was to demonstrate strong-willed rejection of the obscene, anti-American narrative being pushed by the Democratic Party’s figurehead of the impeachment movement.

“We need to get better aim!” was Mad Maxine’s opening remark—overtly endorsing the political violence that saw an unstable Bernie Sanders supporter fire 100+ rounds attempting to assassinate Republican congressmen. Shameful and disgusting.

The meat and potatoes of her speech was spent highlighting her achievements in her 35+ years representing her district (very debatable when you look at the desolation around the South LA/South Bay districts she serves). And of course, a generous amount of time spent demonizing President Trump—based on feelings, rather than facts.

“Impeach 45! Impeach 45!” was her closing chant, which rambled on for a good four minutes.  Afterwards she seemed to be quite frazzled, chanting, “Stop the disruption! . . . Stop the disruption! . . .” over and over, as those inside shouted their opposition to her lunacy. Outside, multiple patriots led a chorus of “Support our president! Support our president!”

Many of the Proud Boys then engaged in civilized discussions with those willing to participate. I spotted two ANTIFA girls lurking around, and asked if they would be willing to have a conversation. I wanted to challenge their beliefs about the Proud Boys and what our platform represents. As you can probably imagine, they had no interest in having a discussion.

The highlight of the town hall was Maxine Waters’ departure—escorted out of the building by police, to a crowd of 100 protesters hollering their displeasure at her. Links to various videos will be attached to this article, so that you can witness that moment and others mentioned here.

I had spoken with the Gardena PD about our intentions beforehand, and the Lieutenant and Sergeant in charge of the officers both thanked me afterwards. The only violence committed was a scuffle before our arrival, and an older black woman knocking the megaphone out of the hand of another black (pro-Trump) woman’s hand.

The vast majority of Proud Boys exercised an incredible amount of restraint and poise during this event. I was able to red-pill a young Japanese-American girl and her mother who had come to investigate the happenings. I simply pointed out how anti-Trump rhetoric is really anti-Americanism—that we support our President and country. And that we are willing to stand for it. They both thanked me for what we do.

In order to move forward, the Proud Boys must be willing to stand up. The next battleground will be July 2, when DNC operatives have organized massive protests all over the country. I urge you all to seriously consider participating in the counter demonstrations organized by our chapters and allies—to stand for what you believe in and make your voice heard. We will not win the culture war if we sit on our hands and accept this anti-American narrative.

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Written by Adam Reis

Adam Reis has been with the L.A. Proud Boys since the day before Trump Tuesday. He's committed to walking a righteous path, showing his son how a man should behave, and being true to himself. He's leaned right over 12 years -- having woke to the realities of liberalism working the streets of L.A. as a 911 responder, and continues to do God's work every day in the hope of a better world.

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