Proud Boys in Florida Taking the Lead in Irma Aftermath

More action taken in the Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Irma struck Florida this past weekend leaving a trail of damage in its path. Though it was not quite the “storm to end all storms” predicted by the media, it was still strong enough to do some considerable damage in certain areas throughout Florida with the bulk of the aftermath in the Keys and South Florida. As promised, the Proud Boys along with the Alt-Knights sprung into action, coming from states all over the country to bring supplies, help clear debris, and rescue trapped people who couldn’t evacuate.

Florida Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio is running the dispatch for 3 teams made up of Proud Boys, FOAK, 3%ers, Bikers for Trump and more who traveled to assist the local people. Enrique was in Houston with the Proud Boys helping in the field with soft and hard rescues which has prepared him to organize the teams in Florida. Enrique told us “I am running dispatch and operations and logistics. All 3 of our teams are using‘s interface to find direct rescues.”  

They have set up a command center in the Miami area to speak on radio apps while monitoring progress of the 3 teams who have Andrew Caster, Brandon Binder, and Yosef Ozia among their members.



“We are doing everything from water and hard rescues to ‘welfare checks’ and distributing supplies. Our Zello channel has already connected 70+ people to supplies such as water, plywood, fuel and food,” Enrique tells us. The Cajun Navy and even the United States Coast Guard have been instructing our boys with some direct rescue dispatch when they are too far from a direct rescue.  The Proud Boys and others assisting are not taking money from anyone and are working entirely out of pocket or have crowd sourced to assist the people of Florida. So far they have done 36 “welfare checks” (or, checked on people their loved ones couldn’t reach) with positive results.

One of the first victims of the storm was this guy…

The dog has now been staying with the guys at the dispatch center near Miami, and they are determined to get him back to the owner or continue to personally care for him. Contact us directly if you have any information on this dog.

In the coming days the Proud Boys plan on going to the place most damaged by Irma, the Florida Keys. If you have loved ones in the area we recommend you check on them and be mindful that many cell towers and phone lines are down. If you can’t get a hold of someone you know in the Florida area the Proud Boys have been using this to help:

Times like this are when you really see the stuff the people of this country are made of. Through the damage we are all Americans and determined not to leave anyone behind. Thank you to the first responders and the regular people who wouldn’t stand by during this tragedy. There’s a lot more work to do and we will keep you updated on it.

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