Proud Boy of the Week: Andrew Duncomb, aka, The “Black Rebel.”

As Gavin McInnes and Ann Coulter would say, our blacks are better than their blacks, and Andrew Duncomb is proof of that. Mr. Duncomb, who goes by the name “Black Rebel,” brought himself into the spotlight recently as, shock! A black man standing up for southern heritage. In today’s time that is either heroic or traitorous, there doesn’t seem to be much of an in-between. He has been very active in New Orleans standing alongside Proud Boys like Kyle Chapman, aka, Based Stickman.

Because of his beliefs, he has taken a full frontal assault from the so-called “tolerant left,” having a plethora of racist insults thrown his way. This isn’t surprising coming from collectivists, they throw everyone into a box based on their race, sexual preference, so-called “gender identity” and class in order to have a sort of dick measuring contest to prove who is the most “oppressed.”

The fact of the matter is the left are the real racists, throwing everyone in a box, and ostracizing anyone who strays out of the confines of that intellectual box. Right-thinking people on the other hand revere individualism, and love and admire those who think different. In our world, the left, as well as people like Andrew Duncomb exist. In the lefts ideal world, only braindead collectivists exist. I for one hold up my drink to Mr. Duncomb, aka, the Black Rebel, and give him a big ol’ Proud of Your Boy!

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