On To The Battleground

It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

Being a right-leaning guy in Los Angeles had me thinking I was an outsider. And if that’s the way I frame my thoughts on the subject…it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The L.A. Proud Boys gave me a brotherhood of like-minded, red-pilled warriors to go to battle with against the purveyors of filth, degeneracy, and the collapse of our civilization. We’ve united under the platform of Western Chauvanism – and we do not apologize for creating the modern world. I for one am fed up with the shaming culture we were raised in. I reject the copious amount of guilt poured upon me as a young man in this bohemian metropolis.

It only seems to have gotten worse now, as we witness millennial snowflake meltdowns, transgender bathroom rights becoming normalized (along with the 57 gender spectrum) — and standards of manhood having dropped even lower. Women can be completely oblivious to how hostile they have become towards men, because it’s become so ingrained in their daily thought patterns.

Mansplaining. The patriarchy. Check your privilege. Toxic Masculinity. “Evil old white men are oppressing me!” How dare you objectify her by having a natural physiological reaction to her revealing outfit/feminine form?

There are many misconceptions about our movement and platform. The familiar tactic of the far-left militant wing of the democratic party, ANTIFA, is to violently attack anyone to the right of full blown communist. The media narrative likes to group us in with the “alt-right” and call us a white-nationalist or white-supremacist group. Our founder, Gavin McInnes is often called a Nazi due to statements taken out of context, or his anti-politically correct comedy riffing. But the L.A. Proud Boys are a lot more diverse than your typical ANTIFA “army” brigade – fully half of our chapter’s members are either of Hispanic descent or of mixed ethnicity. Race simply isn’t an issue to us, because we don’t play the identity politics card.

I have a son myself, and he truly is the greatest gift I’ve been given. He is so well adjusted, so incredibly talented, funny, clever, intelligent and kind-hearted – he makes me proud every day. But I know he’s my little boy, and I must guide him properly — for one of my highest callings is to show him how a man walks on this earth.

God didn’t put us on earth to be angry, bitter, resentful curmudgeonly hermits – lashing out at the world. I’ve been able to accept the absurdity of it all – what a gift and a relief that has been! There is no need to get angry over petty bullshit, there is no need to demand the respect or seek the validation of others – for the truth is that everything under the sun, is meaningless. Riches are meaningless, toil is meaningless, advancement is meaningless, respect is meaningless! None of it is anything that you can take with you beyond the grave.

We find ourselves these days being attacked from multiple angles. There are hit pieces circulating online about the Proud Boys, and even allied groups have taken issue with our movement because it doesn’t align perfectly with their philosophy. But that doesn’t mean we should engage in the lateral infighting, or stoop to the level of retarded. There are two battlefronts in the culture war, and we ought to re-focus our energy on taking the fight to the left – not cannibalizing our own.

The L.A. Proudboys will be converging at Maxine Waters’ town hall this weekend, along with multiple other chapters in Southern California. I’m looking forward to the opportunity for our guys to stand with other patriotic, pro-Trump Americans against the leftist horde. I’ve witnessed multiple instances of harassment, intimidation, and assault towards our people from the opposition. It’s getting crazy out there, but that is precisely why we are needed more than ever. We will provide the defensive presence that Law Enforcement has been unable or unwilling to at past events.

That said, it’s time to revive the fun and pleasurable aspects of being in this brotherhood. Make sure to keep an eye on the live streams, because it’s going to be a party in the parking lot.


– Adam “the Badman” Reis

Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken –Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV

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Written by Adam Reis

Adam Reis has been with the L.A. Proud Boys since the day before Trump Tuesday. He's committed to walking a righteous path, showing his son how a man should behave, and being true to himself. He's leaned right over 12 years -- having woke to the realities of liberalism working the streets of L.A. as a 911 responder, and continues to do God's work every day in the hope of a better world.

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