Ken Karnage Memorial This Monday

Remembering Our Boy

Friends, brothers, Proud Boys, lend me your ears.

We have tragically lost our first brother to the grave. Ken Karnage, a Rochester Proud Boy has died in his sleep of a heart attack. Ken was a good friend of mine and was how every Proud Boy should be and act. Patriotic, loved his brothers and was not afraid to take the fight to Antifa. Ken while being a member of the Proud Boys was on the front lines in the current war against Antifa.

Ken was doxxed, threatened, harassed at his tattoo parlor. Ken, however, did not care and even brought in new brothers into the Proud Boys. Ken recruited Dick Thomas of Rochester who has already made a fine addition to our ranks. Ken treated me like a brother and a friend and was always there for me when I needed him. I remember the last night I saw him when we and a group of Proud Boys went out and put posters up in Antifa neighborhoods. That was the night he gave me and another Proud Boy our third degrees, I am honored to be able to carry a piece of Ken with me forever. However, in the end, Ken was more than a Proud Boy, he was a man of principle.

Ken cared about his brothers, his family, and his long term girlfriend, Barbie who he loved more than anything in this world. José Julián Martí Pérez said that “Men of action, above all those whose actions are guided by love, live forever.” Ken loved this brotherhood, he loved his family, loved his girlfriend. We should all try to give as much as Ken did for this movement, and may Ken’s spirit and drive live on forever in us all. Ken, you can somehow see this where ever you know that I miss you and I hope you save me, and the other Proud Boys a spot at the bar when we get there. Rest in Peace buddy, UHURU.

To all interested in helping out with Ken’s funeral expenses please donate to the gofundme set up at the link below. All extra money will be given to Kens girlfriend and family.


Also here is the link to a memorial service set up by his family in Rochester that all are welcomed too. However, if you plan on showing up do not get rowdy, we are going to mourn. Us Proud Boys in Upstate NY are planning a big party to send him off. DO NOT GO THERE AND MAKE US LOOK LIKE ASSHOLES.


Anthony Mistretta, 3rd Degree Proud Boy, Upstate NY Chapter

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