Impeachment March: A Big, Fat Nothingburger

The Proud Boys converged from multiple southern California regions in San Diego this weekend to counter the “Impeachment March” organized by leftist Muslims in San Diego. We showed up ready for battle. Our understanding was that the left was planning mass mayhem.

We were expecting a lot more, and they were expecting a lot less.

Rough estimates from my perspective had their crowd of “Impeachers” at somewhere between 600–700 total, and our side of counter-demonstrating patriots as high as 125.

It’s a sharp contrast to the way things used to be—when masses of pussy hat-clad, feelings-based liberal women marched in DC to protest against “Trump’s hate.”

The ANTIFA presence was minimal. While the Proud Boys were prepared to take on a hostile, violent and well-funded opposition — a grand total of THREE confirmed ANTIFA clowns were spotted. The Impeachers ranks were largely littered with Boomer generation liberals, a sizable “Native American Rights” cohort, and idealistic college kids (mostly girls) — all of whom believe they are fighting against “hatred” or “fascism” or some other such nonsense.

I witnessed little to no violence except when searching through video feeds — mostly posturing. I attempted to engage in discussion with multiple Impeachers. Most would rather shout a slogan and walk away, or refuse to speak to me at all. Still, we tried — for the first 30 minutes or so, before the sides were separated by the police, we attempted civilized engagement with the opposition — who were actually instructed by their event’s speaker: “DO NOT ENGAGE!”

We experienced the usual media manipulation, as local news was on hand to collect video bites to cut, piece, and edit. Well-reasoned statements from myself and another Proudboy were cut in favor of images of hostile agitation, from both sides of the spectrum. Got a brief shout out about the PB’s where they stated that our platform was “anti-racial guilt” and the rest, “too extreme” to even mention. Classic sensationalism. Another news report spent ample time interviewing Impeachers making proclamations of the same absurd claims — Russian interference, hateful rhetoric causing violence (pot/kettle), and so on. Nevermind that the Russian narrative has been blown to bits by the latest revelations by Project Veritas — these facts are ignored by the feelings of the left, they don’t LIKE Trump, so there MUST be something there, apparently. Even Van Jones’ statement that the Russian narrative is a “big fat Nothingburger” isn’t enough to prevent these Boomers from writing up signs about how Trump is controlled by Russia. Sad!

I’ve been scanning opposition media and social media accounts for the left wing perspective of the march as well — and it’s been quite laughable what they’re putting out about us. They’re trying to minimize our numbers and exaggerate their own (2500–525 was the count on the official Facebook event page) and calling for an official letter writing campaign against the SD Police for failing to stop us. (From what? Apparently our non-violent presence to counter their anti-American narrative was *so upsetting* that they want police to arrest us?) They’re also calling for the creation of a “Leftist Proud Boys.” Cultural Marxism created the need for the Proud Boys as a reaction, I really didn’t see any dudes there on the left because all they do is demonize and vilify young men — as privileged, evil oppressors of all the victim classes.

In the aftermath — I had an eye-opener from having engaged earlier with a Muslim who seems to be an organizer of the rally.

Mustafa spoke with me for over five minutes, attempting to refute my statements that Islam was a religion that incited it’s followers to commit acts of violence such as those that occurred in Manchester and London recently. He told me that he felt that it would be his duty to fight back against the London Bridge attackers himself, if such an attack was occurring in front of him — which was a surprise to me. We took a photo together, him making the one finger in the air salute, me making the OK sign.

Afterwards, I was doxed on his page as the “leader of a white supremacist movement making a white power symbol” due to the photo. This came as a shock to me because our discourse was quite cordial and we ended with a handshake, so I asked him to apologize and retract his statement. After many hours, he did apologize and removed the posting. Then he continued to call the Proud Boys a neo-Nazi organization, even if I am not a white supremacist — citing opinion pieces written by far-left shitrags. I told him that if that’s the frame that he’s looking to confirm, he’ll be able to find articles to validate his suspicions — but that race is not the issue to us. We are not neo-Nazis, and we are not white supremacists.

We are the Proud Boys, and we refuse to apologize for our beliefs. We support the President of the United States of America. We support the values that this great country was founded upon. We support the ideals of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We believe that the influx of refugees from the six countries outlined in the travel ban—which has been re-instated by the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. — pose a threat that requires diligent examination. If you look at the terror attacks that are occurring in Western Europe, and the massive amounts of refugees that have been imported all across the European Union — it should give anyone pause. Liberal platitudes like “Open borders!” and “One world, one love!” sound nice and sweet, but are ultimately naive when little girls are getting blown up in concerts in the name of Allah. Most Americans are too distracted with their own lives or ambivalence to have realized the extent of this problem — but we have educated ourselves, and are not ignorant. I myself am very wary of Shari’a law, and have spent countless hours studying the Q’uran and Hadiths and understand what Islam is advocating for.

We are the Proud Boys, and we are Western Chauvanists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.

The Left’s narrative is crumbling before our eyes. CNN/MSNBC and all of the lesser independent shitrags went all in, far too soon. They have nothing left but to keep flogging the same dead horse. Trump may be rough around the edges, and you may not like his policies — but he is OUR PRESIDENT, and we support him 100% — whether you like it or not, he will keep working for all of us.


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Written by Adam Reis

Adam Reis has been with the L.A. Proud Boys since the day before Trump Tuesday. He's committed to walking a righteous path, showing his son how a man should behave, and being true to himself. He's leaned right over 12 years -- having woke to the realities of liberalism working the streets of L.A. as a 911 responder, and continues to do God's work every day in the hope of a better world.

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