Canadian Proud Boys Get Their 4th Degrees

A firsthand account of how it all went down

After a Parliament Hill rally in Ottawa on September 30, the Proud Boys volunteered to walk some of the older participants back to their cars before heading home. At first, everything seemed to be going perfectly, as there was no sign of Antifa anywhere after we had left.

With the women and elderly safely brought to their cars, we lowered our guard. We felt as if everything was going to be fine, and began singing Proud of your boy, O Canada, and The Maple Leaf Forever through the streets.

It didn’t take long before it was time for our group of 15 boys to split, as we had parked in different locations around the downtown core. A few of our drivers offered to drive a few non-Proud Boy patriots home from the event.

Then we were attacked.

I can’t understand why Antifa chose to ambush us while they were outnumbered (4-on-6). A couple of non-Proud Boy patriots stood on the sidelines filming.

I was standing closer to the front of our group as we walked down towards Queen Street carrying my Canadian flag, when I heard a bit of a commotion behind us. Four masked individuals, three men and one woman had begun by tossing eggs at us, and hitting one of our brothers directly in the back of his sweater with one.

It didn’t take long before one of them ran up and smacked our brother (then 3rd Degree, Robert Jones) across his back with a stick, forcing him to turn around to face them.

In those first few moments I struggled to grasp the severity of the situation. I basically had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until moments after Robert was hit that our boy Greg Bradford snuck up behind their biggest member, who seemed to be leading the charge and wielding a large wooden flagpole. Greg forced him into a powerful headlock from behind, disabling him almost instantly as they fell to the ground.

Then reality kicked in. “These cowards are attacking us,” I thought to myself. I watched one of them attempt to jab Brandon Vaughn as he began to pound the unguarded chest of the commie that Greg had brought down. I knew in that moment that I needed to act to defend my brothers.

In what felt like a split second, I utilized the thick, wooden Canadian flag pole with all the force I could muster to drive it square into the side of the Communist’s head, causing him to stumble backward and bring his much thinner flag pole up to defend his head from a second attack. My personal thought process had halted and the only thing I could think of in that very moment was to neutralize the threat to my brothers. So I lunged in for one final swipe, smashing my pole hard against his head once more, colliding with his own flag pole and snapping it in half as my pole collided with his head.

As I saw him stumble back, I knew he was out of the fight and moments later, he ran away, disoriented.

I then quickly turned toward the next Commie that was closest to me, who was armed with a shitty attempt at a thin flag pole.

By this time, our brother Robert Jones had joined in on laying down some sweet doses of Western Justice upon the guy Greg was grappling with. The commie then tried to drive his fingers into the eye sockets of Greg, causing minor eye irritation and breaking his glasses. It didn’t take long for Robert Jones to respond, slamming his fists into the side of the face of the Antifa scum, causing his grip on Greg’s eyes to release itself.

While this was going on, the second Antifa member I was facing had managed to wrestle my flag pole from me, making me panic for a second before I pounced on him, pinning him against the wall (seen in the video below). As I disarmed him, the flag dropped to the ground, and was almost instantly retrieved by First Degree Andre Hobson who made sure none of our belongings were stolen.

The female Antifa member, now demasked and oddly enough resembling notorious Antifa whore ‘Moldy Locks’ had broken free from our brother’s restraint and proceeded to retrieve the broken remnant of her comrade’s flagpole (a thin, hard piece of wood) and began to attack a Proud Boy who had come to my aid.

While this was taking place, I had felt the commie’s fingers start to run up my face and come ever-so close to my eyes. In a panic, I brought my own hands to the commie’s face and pressed my fingers deeply into his cheek and jaw before winding his head up and slamming it with a bit of force into the wall that I had pinned him up against. I repeated that one more time before he repositioned himself slightly and attempted to slam my own head into the wall, to very minimal success.

Quickly after his attempt, I managed to bring him down to about chest height and lay a few blows into the top of his head, with around half of them missing. As the commie ducked to avoid my swings, I managed to pin his head against the wall, allowing our boy Brandon Vaughan who had ran over to assist me to let off 2-3 direct shots to the side of his face.

It didn’t take much longer after that before I used what strength I had left to literally throw the commie into the open concrete (as seen in the previous video) before running up to him as he attempted to rise, hover over him and deliver 3 of the most powerful, winded up shots that I have ever made in my life, to the bare side his face.

I’ll give him that, the commie rose quickly to stand in front of the disabled female Antifa member, who on camera after already being dealt with multiple times, attacked our boy once again with the broken stick before being dropped.

At this time, we had a gentleman step out from the building and threaten to call security if we didn’t disperse. After shouting a few ‘FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT’s, we waited for the police to arrive before filing a full report.

What a day. If you’d like to see the footage of our outnumbered brothers facing off against Antifa on Parliament Hill earlier that day, make sure to like Bates Media on Facebook!

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