8 Real Reasons Alt-Left Hates the Proud Boys

What they won’t tell you on the News

When you think of two groups that have no chance of getting along, the Alt-Left and the Proud Boys.  One is a collection of misinformed violent fascists obsessed with race who blindly follow a dangerous ideology and the other group is the Proud Boys.

Still, why us?  Aren’t there bigger, badder targets?  AntiFa is a organization that claims to be standing against racism, Nazis, fascists and people of that ilk.  Aren’t there enough real alt-right and fascist groups to fight with?  Granted, members of those groups have small numbers but they DO exist.  Why target a politically incorrect men’s social club with libertarian leanings when there are Alt-Right groups who openly can’t wait to be the scourge of racial harmony?

Here are 8 reasons Alt-Left hates the Proud Boys.

8. Funnier

The left can’t meme yo, the left can’t meme.  We’ve watched them try… it’s adorable.

Antifa are a people with no sense of humor whatsoever.  Comedy is their enemy.  They simply don’t like it.  George Orwell said “Every joke is a tiny revolution,” and the Alt-Left can’t stand being laughed at.  Couple that with the fact that liberals seem to be in a competition with each other for who can be the most offended.  The Proud Boys on the other hand are professional ball busters.

We’re guys.  We understand that joking about people doesn’t mean you hate them.  All the most vicious jokes I’ve ever made have been at the expense of my best friends.  Humor is a way of say “we accept you”.

7. Better Women

A tent poll of the Alt Left is “feminism”.  These days part of feminism is to destroy all things feminine.  The idea of classic feminine beauty is something red blooded Americans put on a pedestal.  The modern feminist wants to convince the world that beauty is ugly and “swamp thing” is REAL beauty.





In Antifa’s world, we’re not allowed to see any difference between a 300 pound monster with arm pit hair, thick glasses, double chins, covered in green Manic Panic  with a half shaved head…. and Marylin Monroe.  The nerve of us!   And if that sea creature is screaming in our faces about what how terrible we need to feel all the time we need to smile and respect her they way we do our own mothers.  Right.

Proud Boys not only appreciate feminine beauty, but women are excellent at many things men aren’t.  Patience, nurturing, attention to detail, raising children and running a household don’t make women second class citizens but make the a perfect “other half” to balance out classic masculinity.  The alt-left thinks that women taking care of their families are suckers wasting their true potential writing shitty blogs about the patriarchy.  Proud Boys appreciate and celebrate traditional gender roles and differences; Antifa wishes everyone would just ignore them.

6. We don’t hide our face

The classic Antifa “mask” is a tell tale sign they know deep down they are in the wrong.

The left has the media, academia, and half the politicians in their pocket yet wear a mask so they can act like “persecuted victims” while they commit acts of domestic terror.  Masks not only keeps them from having to stand behind their atrocious actions but it gives them the balls they lack to lose their humidity as they drift further into violence.  Proud Boys have a lot to lose, yet we show our face.  We’re not looking for violence.  We don’t want to intimate people.  We’re your next door neighbor.  Proud Boys and Proud Boys Girls get “doxxed” and fired all the time but still refuse to hide who they are.  Antifa must HATE the fact that the willingness to show who we are despite the consequences make them look even worse.

5. More tolerant than them

For a group of folks who fancy themselves so tolerant, they will take to the streets to beat the tolerance into you they’re not very… tolerant.

I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to follow the Alt-Left’s collection of arbitrary rules lock step or face the consequences of not being the same kind of “different” they endorse.  AntiFa isn’t good at complex ideas.  Racism = Bad is about as complex of a thought they can comprehend.  They will fall all over themselves to prove they are tolerant of black people… but what if a black guy likes Trump?  They can’t wait to tell you about how fond of gays they are… unless that gay hates feminists.  They will sell themselves as defenders of all things women… unless that woman is pro-life.  If you don’t fit their walking talking stereotypical idea of what they think you ought to be, you don’t count to the left.  Diversity of ideas is not the kind of diversity they enjoy.  For people who want to stop the world from making jokes about stereo types, it seems Antifa can only relate to you if you are a stereo type.

Proud Boys have a saying: “Proud Boys don’t give a shit”.  We are both able to talk in sweeping generalities with qualifying our statements AND comprehend their are exceptions to the rule. Even the left… we have room for them in our world.  We don’t want to act like you have a pox if we have different opinions on taxes.  We get over it.  We know how to disagree.

4. Better at being Punks

As conservative firebrand Martina Markota put it  “Conservative is the New Counter Culture”.  Being conservative is dangerous and sexy.

Openly expressing approval of Trump is provocative and edgy.  Our entire existence is an act of rebellion while AntiFa spend their whole lives thinking they’re rebellious while listening to their dumb hippie parents and shitty socialist teachers.

We are punk rock.

They want more rules.

We make things happen ourselves.  They need permission and a hand out.   Serious question: Does Antifa really think non-conformity is just about dying your hair and wearing funny clothes?  It seems they’ve absolutely forgotten the mental aspect of being a punk; different ideas.  Leave me alone.  Even Johnny Rotten is on our side.

3. Their dads would get along with us

So much of what the typical college age leftist does is to piss off daddy.  “I’m a new gender now dad, fuck you!”  To them, the Proud Boys are their dads.

We’re not hurting anyone, but we are judging them.  We’re laughing at their ridiculousness.  We’re telling them to get their shit together.  They hate it.

We don’t live in their abstract world where everything is everything, and everything should be free.  Proud Boys live in the real world.  We are the blue collar working man they pretend to love so much (while never working a blue collar job in their lives).  We are not some obscure, indescribable thing they wish everyone was…. we’re relatable.  If we were at a barbecue with their fathers, we’d get along famously.  We’d be sitting with their old man talking about the best way to cook a steak (instead of trying to impress them with our veganism).  It’s a constant reminder they never even came close to “smashing the patriarchy”.

2. More Compelling Arguments

Perhaps the most unforgivable trait of people like AntiFa, is they’ve never even bothered to see if there was another side to whatever argument they seem so passionate about having.  They seem content to just believe if you don’t agree with their ideas, it must be because you’re simply a “fascist”.

They aren’t even curious.  That’s why when anyone tries to clarify a position they just talk over them, shout them down, and repeat “We don’t debate fascists”.  When a Proud Boy hears a bad idea, he can argue it.  He knows the counter points and might even have the stats.  When you see how badly Antifa wants to stop the other point of view from being heard, it’s almost as if they know they are wrong and are scared if the other side of the argument gets outs anyone who hears it will instantly abandon the leftists horseshit they’ve been taught.  They never have a come back, they always “just can’t even…”.

Is their world view so flimsy they don’t know how to debunk and debate what they believe are “ridiculous ideas”??  They are so afraid of ideas, they will stop at nothing to silence speaker from talking, even for an evening.

Which brings us to…

1. Handed them National embarrassment at Berkeley

Ah yes.  Berkeley.


Wait, no that’s an old picture.  Here’s a newer one…


Milo was an invited speaker and they knew he would be so compelling they just had to stop him.  They labeled a gay, Jewish, immigrant who gets fucked by his black boyfriend a racist, sexist, anti-semiotic, homophobe who can’t stand foreigners.

Up until this point much of America was half paying attention.  The Alt-Left made their presents felt at the “Deplora-Ball” and many people just went with the narrative that they were: “These super socially conscience college kids were standing up to some unseen evil Nazi force and taking it to the streets”.

…Enter the Proud Boys.  After seeing chaos at Berkeley during Milo’s talk, and watching innocent people attacked in the street to stop a speaker, over the last few months the Proud Boys made their presents felt.


What a spoiler!

A bunch of blue collar guys, no fascists, just fun loving working stiffs to make sure free speech didn’t go down without a fight.  We were outnumbered, and out gunned, but a sea of black and yellow Fred Perry’s chased these trust fund commies off with the greatest of ease.  It put us on the map, and made them seem like lame pussies who had no clue what they were doing (go figure).

The alt left hated the idea that anyone would ever disagree with their little temper tantrum.  It exposed them as bullies and cowards who would flee the scene with just the slightest push back (are your reading these local police).  This last encounter saw them showing in huge numbers… the right then held back leaving them to fight barely anyone on international news, fighting no one but innocent people so now even liberal outlets like Washington Post have to call them on their terrorist actions.  Smooth.


The Alt-Left is an example of the wildly disingenuous leading the mentally ill with help from the lazy.  They resent “woke” conservatives because we’ve done our homework.  The future is not Marxist, the future is freedom.  Marxism only works for desperate people.  The future is made by families, and the Proud Boys are the ones making them while these losers let their ovaries dry up.

Most importantly, they hate the Proud Boys because the Alt-Left doesn’t truly know who they are which is why they are so easily lead.  They want to have an identity, but don’t want to have the “wrong” ideas.  They brand themselves with simple things no one would disagree with; Anti-Racism, Women’s Rights, Equality, without even thinking about what works best to achieve those goals.  The concept of nuance and different perspectives is foreign to them.  The Proud Boys know who we are, and stand proudly behind what we believe… and they can’t even decide what gender to be.

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PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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