Proud Boy of the Week: Rufio Panman

Battle in Portland

PNW was joined by members of our illustrious fraternal organization to participate in a Patriot Prayer march in Portland on Saturday.


(Spoiler Alert)


While half ignoring a house full of people at a BBQ I was hosting, I watched with consternation as three of our guys were carted off by police (they needed two sets of handcuffs for Tiny). I watched the pregame prayer, I watched DHS disarm us, I watched the speeches, I watched the back and forth shit talking.


Then it came time for the march. Within two blocks, that march turned into a war. Fireworks, rocks, ect were thrown. Pepper spray was sprayed, soyboys lined up for battle. It was on. Out of this mess (I’m still processing it) the shot around Portland was heard.


Rufio Panman, after defending someone on the ground, was confronted by a baton wielding “bad ass”. The baton was swung, once, twice, both were blocked, in response a looping, style point earning gamset right hand crumbled this would be assailant to the ground. Miraculously, said baton ended up skittering on the ground TO this PB warrior (I still think it was magic).


I name this patriot Proud Boy of the Week. Honorable mention to PB Michigan for shutting down the Jackson, MI protest today.


They fucked around. They found out.

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Written by John Marilac

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