PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK: Chef Michael Hunter

Chef butchers Deer in front of Vegan Protestors

Throughout all of human history butchering and consuming meat has connected cultures. African, American Indian, Asian, European, and Island societies have survived and expanded because of their relationship with protein since before the written word.

In Toronto Canada vegan’s were shocked went a restaurant was serving meat.

Protests raged outside the Antler Kitchen & Bar for weeks, until one fed up chef decided to do something about it. Chef Michael Hunter brought a fresh leg of venison to the front window in view of the butthurt protestors and began to carve it up with the knife skill of a true master.

The protestors can be heard asking if this were “legal”, perhaps so deep in their vegan bubble they are unaware that the entire world has been consuming meat since before the dawn of time.

The activists informed passersby of what the chef was doing. The confused pedestrians asked if he was “killing people” to which they mob of sensitive soy boys and girls had to admit “No” it was just a restaurant serving food.

Chef Michael Hunter attempted to be diplomatic for several weeks before deciding to conduct his own silent, but effective protest. “I figured, I’ll show them,” Hunter said. “I’m going to have my own protest.”

The activists called the police after the chef’s demonstration. No charges were filed.

The vegan protestors are insatiable telling the media “The goal always is for a restaurant to go fully vegan.”

For his entrepreneurial spirit, skill with the knife, and ability to piss off vegans, Chef Michael Hunter is our PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK.


Pawl Bazile is the Senior Patriotism Correspondent for and the Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile


Written by Matthew Millette

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