Proud Boy of the Week: Tommy Robinson

In a country overridden by hordes of Muslim rape gangs, one man is taking a stand.

When the abhorrent act of Islamic terror occurred in Manchester earlier this week I was pissed off, but not surprised.

I was pissed off at the attacker of course, but most of my anger went to his enablers.

Just hours after the attack, when family members of the 22 dead may not have even yet heard their loved ones fate, leftists were already screaming for more refugees. They were calling people like me “Islamaphobes,” which is a label I don’t have a problem admitting to, it’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid of violent animals who are actively working to kill me and my loved ones.

Whenever an attack like this happens in Europe, I almost want to just say “fuck that entire continent,” but people like Tommy Robinson give me hope for the future of Europe. That is why he is being awarded Proud Boy of the Week.

As a contributor for The Rebel, and former President of the English Defence League, Robinson has been standing up against the Islamitisation of his country of Britain for many years. In his plight to expose Muslim rage gangs, he has been attacked, arrested, threatened, and run off the road.

But the good news is, the people in Britain are starting to wake up. If the Brexit results show anything, people are starting to wake up to the problems with Islam and pro-refugee policies.

So to Tommy Robinson, keep up the good fight, Proud Boys will always have your back! Proud of your Boy!


Written by Based In Colorado

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