Proud Boy of the Week: Seth Rich

Was Seth Rich Murdered Because He Was the Wikileaks Leaker?

The Proud Boy of the Week for this week is someone who in life would likely not be honored to receive this award, but his bravery and service against the Clinton cartel makes him a perfect candidate in the afterlife. Recent reports claim to confirm that Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, was the leaker of infamous DNC emails to Wikileaks. Those reports, along with tweets about Rich from Wikileaks, make a good case for him being the leaker.

Despite Rich’s family bashing anyone believing that his murder was more than a random robbery gone bad, I still don’t feel like the police are telling the whole story. Seth Rich was a high-level operative for the DNC, so it’s very likely his parents are also very liberal, so of course they would want to deny that their son had anything to do with a leak that is being scapegoated as the reason that Donald Trump won the Presidency. We all know the real reasons Donald Trump won, but crybaby losers will of course look for anything else besides themselves to point towards.

I don’t believe most “conspiracy theories,” but the official story on this one truly doesn’t line up. If it was truly a robbery, why was nothing taken from him? There is a lot of evidence pointing toward this being more than what the official story reads, this recent Proud Boy Magazine article goes into that more than I am now, so check it out for more on that.

All I know is that it is highly likely that Seth Rich was the DNC leak to Wikileaks, and if that is true, his bravery is something that should be highly honored. Though he wasn’t with us on the issues, his bravery is enough for me to toast my drink to. So to Seth Rich, Proud of Your Boy!

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