Proud Boy of the Week: Nick Robinson

This newly minted 4th degree kicked some antifa ass.

During the March Against Sharia Law in Seattle this past Saturday, things got heated.

When a group of Proud Boys clad with Fred Perry’s walked toward the event area a group of Antifa thugs decided to make their presence known. As they were surrounding a group of Proud Boys and blowing whistles, deploying tactical silly string, and just being jackasses in general Nick Robinson made his move. He moved from the safety of police protection to walk directly into the crowd and confront the people standing in favor of gays being thrown off of buildings.

Quickly after he confronted them things turned violent, as can be seen in the video below. Men, woman, and the mentally challenged started by throwing flour at Robinson, and then things quickly turned into a good ol’ fashioned brawl. Our boy Nick Robinson clearly has been in a few fights himself, because he quickly began throwing accurate hits back at the anti-woman, pro-Sharia Law protesters.

In the end of the scuffle, Robinson himself was fine, but his Fred Perry was ripped. If you would like to contribute to get him 2 new Fred Perry’s, you can do that here.

I reached out to Robinson and he had this to say about the whole ordeal:

“I was getting sick of the obvious and lazy argument that if you disagree with what antifa says you’re a white supremacist. I had multiple times when antifa was calling me a white supremacist and I had to take off my sunglasses to show them that, surprise, I’m black. While being attacked I continually heard ‘nazi scum’ screamed at me, and it was just kind of comical. These people can only defend oppressing woman and throwing gays off of buildings for so long before they are forced to throw out childish insults.”

So to Nick Robinson, keep kicking ass, congratulations on your fourth degree, and Proud of Your Fucking Boy!

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Written by Based In Colorado

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