Proud Boy of the Week: Nate Washington

He might have lost his internship, but he got upgraded to Proud Boy of the Week

This week’s Proud Boy of the Week received his honor after a roller-coaster ride of circumstances that ended in him having to leave an Internship in Washington, D.C.

Let’s start with who Nate Washington is, because up until last week he was rather unknown compared to any other Proud Boy of the Week recipient. Nate Washington is a an up-and-coming conservative political operative who worked his way up from being the head of his University Republican club to an intern at Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) office.

Now that’s nothing good on its own, to be honest, most staffers in Washington, even those for politicians I like, are nothing but snakes looking to weasel their way into our government. But Nate Washington seems to be different, and the fact that there was a full scale campaign by the left-wing media to discredit and destroy him proves that.

The occasion that got him blasted into the national spotlight, and forced him to leave his internship, was a secret recording recorded by this week’s Cuck of the Week, Caleb Ecarma. In the recordings, Nate Washington referred to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a “cuck,” and called the British “faggots.” To any Proud Boy, this sounds like a regular meet up, but to someone like Ecarma, he saw a story that he could blast out.

The story came after Ecarma, along with a few of his butt buddies, hosted a party in Pentagon City, Virginia. Nate wasn’t on board to go at first, but after a number of messages from organizers bribing him with free alcohol, he eventually decided to go with a few of his friends. There was a lack of girls, I’d imagine that is because Ecarma and co. didn’t have enough alcohol to bribe any woman to hang out with them, so Nate and his friends were playing poker and drinking Jim Beam. A 5th of Jim Beam later, Ecarma eventually decided to ask who Ecarma worked for, and after telling him Tom Cotton, Ecarma became visibly triggered.

That is when Ecarma channeled all of his sexual frustration into interrogating Washington and his friends about the hot-button issues of the day. Being honest, unapologetic conservatives, Washington and his friends gave honest answers.

In a Proud Boy Magazine exclusive interview, Washington stated:

“The article was structured as a hit piece on Sen. Cotton, operating under the notion that me working in his office meant that he supports my views, so does USA today support Caleb’s style of Yellow Journalism?”

After secretly recording those honest answers, Ecarma posted up an article trying to make Washington sound like some sort of white supremacist, while at the same time omitting any pictures of him showing that he’s actually black. Despite having talked to all of Nate’s friends, Ecarma decided to target Washington in his attack piece. Based Daily Caller reporter Amber Randall posted a great piece calling out Ecarma’s trash article.

In the end I think this just proves a point, if you try to come out as an unapologetic conservative while being black, you will get attacked for it. Those on the left like to think they have some sort of divine right to black people, they don’t.

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