Proud Boy of the Week: James O’Keefe

The ACORN-slaying, fake news-destroying hero

This Proud Boy of the Week is a special one. James O’Keefe is one of a very small number of people I would go gay for. This isn’t because of anything particularly special about him, as I don’t know him personally. I just get such a freedom-boner every time I hear some liberal journalist or politician say his name.

He is a man who needs no introduction, but I will provide one anyway: Coming in at seven inches long (in my fantasy erotica at least), he is the ACORN-slaying, fake news-crushing man every liberal politician checks their closets for before going to bed.

As the founder of Project Veritas, for years he has done undercover journalism designed to hold people accountable—and that he has. He has been threatened, attacked, and even arrested simply for holding accountable some of our country’s most corrupt, all the while armed with nothing more than a few hidden cameras.

There is a lot he has done that I could talk about in this article, but today we will focus on his most recent work. American Pravda is a series of undercover investigations into CNN, where O’Keefe got numerous CNN employees, including Van Jones, to admit that the Donald Trump Russia story—you know, the thing CNN talks about constantly—is actually fake news.

The three-part series includes a CNN producer calling Americans “stupid as shit,” Van Jones calling the Russia story a “nothing burger,” and another producer calling the Russia narrative “bullshit.” (All three parts of this series are linked at the bottom of this article.)

O’Keefe, as a journalist with balls of steel, didn’t just stop with exposing CNN as very fake news. He went out of his way to try to get a comment from CNN’s president Jeff Zucker, who ran like a little baby when confronted by a real journalist.

This entire series is gold, and every American should see it. So share this article with your friends and family, especially the liberals who may finally span out of their fake news trance after being provided proof that CNN is, in reality, the actual fake news. Here are all three parts to watch for your enjoyment:
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