PROUD BOY OF THE WEEK: Clark Camp Helps Victim of Hawaii Shooting

A Proud Boy was the first on the scene to assist after a brutal attack

When violence suddenly erupted in the world-renowned Waikiki area of Honolulu early Saturday morning, it was a Proud Boy who was first on the scene to help.

Clark Camp, 28, of the Honolulu Proud Boys chapter was drinking in the Club Alley Cat bar when, according to witnesses, a man with a rifle fired 10 to 15 rounds into a crowd gathered outside the door. The gunman then fled in a large black SUV, leaving three wounded on the ground. As the crowd fled, Camp responded by applying pressure to the gunshot wound of the most seriously injured victim, 22-year-old Maleko Remlinger. For several minutes until paramedics arrived Camp kept Remlinger responsive and calm.

Camp said, “I was out with another Proud Boy all night after our Friday meeting since he had to catch a flight early the next morning. He’d just left when the shooting started. The woman who was working the door of the establishment ran in yelling, ‘Shooting! Shooting!’”

“The first thing I see is people screaming and scattering, just running each way. I actually heard some of the shots. It sounded like a small caliber. There was a guy face down in the bushes screaming in agony. I didn’t know if the shooter was still around but I helped the guy out of the bushes and on to his back.”

Camp opened the victim’s shirt and saw he’d been hit below the ribs.

Camp continued,

“He was freaking out, but he wasn’t bleeding too badly so I thought he would be ok. We had a bystander call 911. I have no idea how long it took for the EMTs to show up but it felt like forever. I did my best to comfort him and make sure enough pressure was put on his gunshot wound. I went home and got a few hours of sleep and when I woke up I heard on the news that he had passed away in the hospital. That was a shock. It was rough knowing that the guy I was just with a few hours before was gone.”

Remlinger was pronounced dead in the hospital. The other two victims are alive and at least one is expected to make a full recovery. Several people that knew Remlinger have said that they do not believe he knew his attacker. Witnesses report the shooter fired randomly and did not focus on one target.

Clark Camp grew up on Maui and now resides on the island of Oahu. He is a proud Western chauvinist.

On Sunday 18-year-old Jordan Smith was arrested in an apartment in the nearby McCully Street neighborhood connection with the slaying. He has since been charged with murder.

Also arrested Sunday was 30-year-old Isaiah McCoy and Justin Purvis, 29 on unrelated warrants. All three men were apprehended by police in front of Club Alley Cat two days before the shooting for assaulting a woman on the street and attacking an Uber driver that intervened in that beating. Only Smith was arrested and was on supervised release when a man matching his description opened fire into a crowd gathered in the same place where he was recently arrested. Police describe the suspect in both crimes as having dark skin, being around 5’7, and having dreadlocks.

Isaiah McCoy was a recent death row inmate in Delaware until his murder conviction was overturned for misconduct by the prosecution. A retrial resulted in an acquittal, after which McCoy moved to Hawaii.

Smith had been in Hawaii less than a week before the violence in Waikiki. McCoy claims to have invited him as a way of setting him on the right path after getting in trouble in Delaware. In a statement to local news McCoy said he took away Smith’s video games and made him cut his hair as punishment for the assault arrest and that he is innocent of murder. When asked if Smith was at the scene of the crime McCoy would not deny Smith’s presence, instead only saying “Jordan Smith did not commit a murder in Hawaii.”

McCoy continued, “The only thing that matters to them is sending another black man up the river, so to speak,” referring to the minority white Honolulu Police Department.

Jordan Smith has plead not guilty to murder.

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Nick Ochs

Written by Nick Ochs

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