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Certain Movies every man should see, some he should know by heart.  These are the movies we’ll be featuring in the Proud Boy Movie Club.  Some films will be new to some of us, some we’ve seen a dozen times.  Either way you’re encouraged to watch or take the opportunity to re-watch these films every man should know.  All Proud Boys can follow the films week to week here and discus and post thoughts, questions and comments in the Proud Boys Magazine Facebook Group.

This week’s Movie Club: WINDY CITY HEAT


Rating: R

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Directed By: Bobcat Goldthwait

Written By: Don Barris , Jimmy Kimmel , Tony Barbieri , Don Barris

In Theaters: Sep 1, 2006  wide

Runtime: 86 minutes

Studio: Paramount Home Video

Some films are great films, this film is a great moment for humanity.  I’m am proud to be part of the species that made this film a reality.  If you follow someone on facebook just to monitor how ridiculous they get, or know someone who is a needy attention craving narcissist you will instantly connect with Windy City Heat.  This film is the greatest practical joke ever pulled, and the only one not in on it is the film’s star “Scary” Perry Caravello.


“Scary” Perry is a real-life embarrassingly terrible comedian and actor whose friends, Don Barris and Walter ‘Mole’ Molinski (Tony Barbieri) have tricked into believing has a chance at stardom as a “Sports Detective” named Stone Fury in a film called Windy City Heat directed by Bobcat Goldthwait.  The REAL Windy City Heat is a documentary by Bobcat Goldthwait  where everyone Perry meets is in on the joke but him.  The film makers set up every last scenario Perry’s involved in and what transpires in the most elaborate prank of all time.  We get taken through Perry’s audition process, his wardrobe, his fight scenes, his love scenes, his horrible dialogue, down to the actual premiere of his fake movie and he is totally clueless.  The most magical part is Perry is such a narcissistic asshole it’s impossible to feel bad for him…. It’s ice cream without the calories, it’s tattoos without the needle, it’s nailing a fat girl without your friends knowing: It’s a complete thing of beauty.

We all know people with their head completely up their own ass that the only thing to do is take them down a peg.  Consider this; Don and Tony wrote an entire fake script from scratch to fuck with Perry.  They hired an entire cast and crew who weren’t actually making a real movie and paid them union wages to fuck with Perry.  They set their alarm clock and got up early to fuck with Perry.  They filled out contracts and paperwork to fuck with Perry.  They convinced William “The Refrigerator” Perry to show up on their fake set and fuck with Perry.  Lawyers were contacted to find out the legal boundaries in which they could fuck with Perry.  People received health care for fucking with Perry.  I once convinced the new guy that a girl we worked with had a fake foot and watched as he tried to spot where it connected to the stump that didn’t last for 6 months before we spilled the beans, and these guys made me feel like a complete amateur.  As a director, I salute a level of sheer dedication and sublime creativity that Meryl Streep didn’t quite have in Sophie’s Choice.

Perry’s arrogance keeps you glued to the action.  He describes himself as a young Marlon Brando at the beginning of the film… the balls, the sheer balls waiting to be kicked (and they are, repeatedly).  The most nerve racking part of the prank was naming all the fake people after famous people such as “John Quincy Adams,” “Susan B. Anthony,” “and “Hiroshima Nagasaki” all of which you will be certain Perry will have to recognize and catch onto the joke…. and you will be wrong.  He comes out of this project completely convinced he is famous and acting the part.  The film is a social commentary on how we see fame, how shallow it is, and who we are as a people which gets pretty ugly.  Fame is more important to this man I’m convinced if he ever came out of denial he’d have a nervous breakdown.  This man’s personality is the ugliest part of many of us and that’s why it’s fun to watch the gauntlet of humiliation a team of brilliant people (who he desperately would like to be a part of) put him through.  This film will become one of your new favorite comedies if you haven’t seen it, and for those who have seen it, let’s re-watch the magic together.

….Oh Yeah, and they never let Perry in on the joke.


What the fuck is you’re excuse for not see it?????  The entire film is posted below for free!  POYB.


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