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Certain Movies every man should see, some he should know by heart.  These are the movies we’ll be featuring in the Proud Boy Movie Club.  Some films will be new to some of us, some we’ve seen a dozen times.  Either way you’re encouraged to watch or take the opportunity to re-watch these films every man should know.  All Proud Boys can follow the films week to week here and discus and post thoughts, questions and comments in the Proud Boys Facebook Group.

This week’s Movie Club: GLENGARRY/GLEN ROSS

Rating: R (for language)
Genre: Drama
Directed By: James Foley
Written By: David Mamet
In Theaters: Sep 29, 1992 wide
Runtime: 100 minutes

If you haven’t seen Glengarry/Glen Ross I envy you.  I envy you because you get to watch this film, hear this dialogue, see these performances for the 1st time and don’t know what will happen next.  This is a sharply written film (originally a play) head to toe a working class film.  Anyone who’s ever had a job can easily get sucked into this film in a big, big way.  And once you seen it, not only can you not un-see it, I guarantee you start quoting it within a week.

To begin, look at the cast…

These guys can read the phonebook together and it will be magic, but they are working with one of the greatest writers of the last century, David Mamet.  I defy anyone to find me someone who says “Cunt” Better than Pacino in this film.  Spacey is at his wormy, weasely best, Alan Arkin is tremendous, as is Ed Harris.  This is the film where Alec Baldwin went from a romantic lead, to a BEAST of a performer.  Baldwin’s scene is a must see for all budding entrepreneurs.  He breaths fire.  And they are ALL put to shame but the old man, Jack Lemmon.  In a sea of true acting monsters Lemmon forces himself to stand out as he simple CHEWS the scenery and makes this character his bitch.

The story is about men who sell real estate.  That in itself is a difficult sell to most audiences, but trust me Proud Boys, you’ll want to sell real estate when it’s over.  All the men work together in an office, Spacey’s character is the office management everyone can’t stand, and Blake (Baldwin) is a consult brought in to motivate the sales staff in one of the greatest moment ever put to screen.  They’re told whoever’s sale are at the bottom will be fired and what’s left is watching these characters put everything into trying to keep their jobs, and each actor bring a unique sales style to who they’re portraying.

This is the kind of film many people have seen, but you don’t see it often.  Use this as the opportunity to see it again, because you should.  This film has themes of business, work ethnic, deception, competition, desperation and does it all with style.  Maybe best of all it has no elements of a politically correct work place environment that modern human resources departments, activists, and idealists want you to believe is the “correct” way a job should run.  It the gritty reality of men in suits showing up to do their job and what happens when they’re fucked with and pushed too hard.  Enjoy and we’ll discuss online.

PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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