YouTube’s Slogan Updated from Broadcast Yourself to Go F@#k Yourself for Conservatives

You can find videos of teens twerking and people tweaking at YouTube, but one thing you will not find is Joy. YouTube has shown a renewed commitment to not making America great again. In a month where the ADL applauded YouTube for their efforts in blocking and removing extremist content, ADLYouTube has now set their sites on Joy Villa and her video Make America Great Again. On August 23rd Joy received a notice stating that YouTube had received a “privacy complaint” regarding her video; specifically using someone else’s image without their consent. They specified a timestamp for the offense which she complied with by blurring the woman’s face. She even confirmed that she had the written consent for everyone who appeared in the video. Easy enough, right? In spite of these facts YouTube has remained steadfast in their threats to take it down. A key reason being found in their Privacy Guidelines:

What if I’ve obtained consent from the individuals?
Unfortunately we cannot accept or review agreements granting consent before the video was uploaded. Thus, we may still have remove your video upon the complaint.

In short, YouTube reserves the right to take down your content by citing “consent” and will refuse to acknowledge or review your proof of consent. Imagine being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, but any evidence that would exonerate you is forbidden. If you’re a Conservative, YouTube has no qualms with telling you to go fuck yourself, but if you’re Cultural Marxist or just enjoy degeneracy, go ahead and broadcast yourself.



Written by The Elders

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